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Hack and slash action game Soulstice is produced by Reply Game Studios and Modus Games. Please read our review as well; we have a lot to say about the book. According to our observations, the game generally plays smoothly, with the occasional tiny glitch and stuttering problem that we've come to anticipate from Unreal Engine 4 games. However, here are a few things we advise you try if Soulstice crashes when you launch it.

Fixing the Soulstice crash at launch issue

When a game crashes right after installation, it's typically because the user is lacking some kind of component. There are situations where it can also be your game files, but we've covered this in many new releases in the past. Here are some suggestions for dealing with this crash.

Verify game files

As always, you want to check that your game files are in order before doing anything else. You can verify every installed file in Steam and see if there are any damaged or missing ones. Follow the steps listed below to do this.


  • Open Steam, and navigate to your library
  • Right-click on Soulstice in your library
  • Click Properties
Soulstice Properties
  • Select the LOCAL FILES tab
  • Click on Verify Integrity of local files…
Verifying game files can potentially fix the Soulstice crash at launch issue
Verify integrity of game files

This will start the scanning procedure, and any necessary files will then be downloaded again and installed. Given that the game is just 25 GB in size, the process shouldn't take too long.

Add an exception to your anti-virus

It's a good idea to add Soulstice to your list of exclusions or exceptions since some anti-virus software may flag it as a virus or threat.

We have provided links to some of the most well-known ones' FAQ pages.

Run the game as an administrator

Running the game with administrator rights could be beneficial and remove any limitations.

  • Open Steam and then your library
  • Here, right-click on Soulstice
  • Click Manage
  • Then select Browse local files
You can access the various files of Soulstice through the Steam library
Browse local files
  • This will take you to the location Soulstice is installed in
  • Right-click on executable and select Properties
  • Click the Compatibility tab
  • Check “Run this program as an administrator
Running Soulstice with admin privileges can likely fix the Soulstice crash at launch issue
Run as an admin

Update DirectX and Visual C++ Redistributables

Verify that the Visual C++ Redistributables and DirectX Redistributables are both updated.

Update your GPU Drivers

Make sure your GPU is running on the most recent drivers. The links below will let you access the most recent versions.

Switch to dedicated GPU (Laptop Users)

Make sure to use your dedicated GPU rather than the integrated one.

Switching to the dedicated Nvidia GPU

  • First, open the Nvidia Control Panel
  • Then navigate to 3D Settings and then Manage 3D Settings
  • Open the tab Program Settings and choose Soulstice from the dropdown menu
  • Next, select the preferred graphics processor for this program from the second dropdown.
  • Your Nvidia GPU should show as High-performance Nvidia processor
  • Save the changes

Switching to the dedicated AMD GPU

  • First, open Radeon Settings
  • Then navigate to Preferences, followed by Additional Settings
  • Here, select Power and then Switchable Graphics Application Settings
  • Select Soulstice from the list of applications
  • If Soulstice isn’t on the list, click the Add Application button and select the executable from the installation directory. This adds the game to the list, and you’ll be able to select it afterward.
  • In Graphics Settings, assign the High-Performance profile to the game.

Update your Windows

Ensure that Windows is installed on your computer. The developers have recommended this as well.

  • In Windows Search, type “Update” and click on Check for Updates
  • This will take you to the Windows Update section, and you can make sure you are on the latest version
At times Windows Updates can ensure a more stable experience
Windows Update

Please share your alternative idea with us in the comments section below. We'll include that on the list and give you the proper credit.

We hope that this tutorial was helpful in resolving the Steelrising crash upon launch problem. In the comments section below, please ask any questions you may have.

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