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The weapon pool in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 has changed quite a bit, but the only genuinely new additions are the EvoChrome weapons. There are two fresh guns that anyone can pick up, and the Weekly Challenges even task players with evolving the weapons.

They have a new mechanic that allows the EvoChrome guns to evolve and become more powerful. Because they’re of the fresh mechanic reserved for the chrome-colored equipment, it’s not immediately obvious how evolution works. Our guide will go over how to evolve the guns and complete another Weekly Challenge in Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 – How to Evolve EvoChrome Weapons

When you pick up an EvoChrome weapon, you’ll notice that there is a silver animated bar underneath the ammunition counter. This bar is the indicator of the evolution process of the new chrome weapons, along with some visual changes. These guns will always start with chrome on the barrel, and as the weapons start to evolve, more of the overall item will get covered in chrome.

Every time you pick one up, they will start at a green common rarity unless you find a specific Mythic called The Herald’s Burst Rifle. Starting from green, you can evolve your EvoChrome rifle or shotgun by dealing damage. Progress towards evolution when you deal damage to players or animals around the map, so the process shouldn’t take too long if you search the wild.

Each time you reach an evolution in Fortnite, the rarity of the weapon will increase along with the overall stats. You can bring the EvoChrome Burst Rifle and the EvoChrome Shotgun up to a Mythic rarity by the end of the match. There is only one EvoChrome Mythic Burst Rifle as a base drop and that’s from the Herald itself at the Sanctum. To make sure you get the weapon you want, land at chrome-covered areas and search those chests. In no time, the evolution for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season challenges will be done.

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