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When it comes to goal celebrations and flashy maneuvers, The Griddy has been the talk of the FIFA 23 season. Additionally, we've put up this instruction on how to do the Griddy in FIFA 23 to help you really up your celebration game.

So, you can perform the Griddy in a match, here is a tutorial of the controller buttons you need to press. However, as with any celebration, you won't be able to do the Griddy whenever you want; you only have a short window of time to execute it.

So, in order to truly celebrate in style after scoring that crucial clutch goal, you best master the button combination and memorize it.

How to do the Griddy in FIFA 23?

After scoring a goal in FIFA 23, keep down R2 (the right trigger) and flick the right stick up twice to perform the Griddy. The controls for the PlayStation are those. You must perform the identical action on Xbox by pressing and holding the RT button while flicking the stick up twice. Additionally, this is only possible following a goal.

You have just enough time to press these buttons in order to pull off the Griddy and celebrate your accomplishment. EA described this maneuver and celebration, but people also learned it by participating in the game.

It is wonderful to see it in the game and that it won't be too challenging to pull off because it has been one of the major discussion points before the game's release. This isn't any kind of Konami code.

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