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Four players can team up in Salmon Run, the cooperative horde mode in Splatoon 3, to battle waves of Salmonids and collect Golden Eggs and Fish Scales to trade in for goodies from Mr. Grizz. Salmon Run's Cohozuna, the King Salmonid himself, is one of the hardest Xtra Encounters to complete. Get your Inklings together and prepare for a challenge; in the section below, we'll describe how to defeat Cohozuna in Splatoon 3.

How To Challenge Cohozuna in Splatoon 3

Your "Salmometer" can be raised by taking part in and winning Salmon Run matches, which unlocks the Cohozuna Xtra Encounter. When you play multiple bouts with the same set of Inklings, the meter seems to rise more quickly, and once it is full, Cohozuna is probably going to appear shortly after.

Turn to face the sea since the King has arrived when the game in your next game should typically be ending and you hear the noises of an alarm going off.

How To Beat Cohozuna in Splatoon 3

Cohozuna is enormous, and his health bar reflects this. To defeat the King Salmonid, you and your three teammates will need to work together and engage in tactical combat within the allotted 100 seconds.

Avoid Cohozuna because he constantly leaps into the air and rests on a circular object on the ground. Being trapped in this circle usually leads in swift death, thus it's imperative to avoid getting smashed and squandering crucial combat time. All four players should concentrate on Cohozuna, yet it is impossible to kill him by simply shooting ink at him.

Other Boss Salmonid groups will spawn throughout the fight and keep moving toward your squad. These Boss Salmonids can be destroyed to release golden eggs, which can then be thrown directly at Cohozuna. These eggs are essential to ensuring any opportunity to defeat the King because they cause the latter great harm. Kill as many Boss Salmonids as you can to hurl as many Golden Eggs as you can in the direction of Cohozuna. Remember that ink is also needed for egg flinging, so check your tank before choosing one.

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