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Call of Duty MW3 Zombies, like Black Ops Cold War Zombies, has six Field Upgrades available to players. These Field Upgrades allow players to combat the zombie apocalypse by providing them with various benefits. Here are the details about the CoD MW3 Zombies Field Upgrade system.

Energy Mine: Powerful Explosive Defense

Energy Mine Field Upgrade, which has a medium charge time, creates an explosive that deals massive damage to approaching enemies. If placed strategically, you can effectively stop zombie hordes and defend a specific area.

Frenzied Guard: A Risky Life Shield

A risky choice, Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade repairs your armor. However, during this time, enemies will target you. Killing enemies will restore your armor, though. When used tactically, it can be an important strategic tool for survival. So, it is a Call of Duty MW3 Zombies Field Upgrade equipment that you should pay attention to.

Healing Aura: Revitalizer of the Team

As the team's doctor, Healing Aura Field Upgrade instantly repairs the health of all players, even players in Last Stand status. However, it has a slow charging time, so it should be used strategically.

Frost Blast: Freezing Attack

Do you need a break? Frost Blast sends out an icy blast that initially deals damage and slows enemies within the area of ​​effect. This can come in handy when you're stuck or want to retreat.

Aether Shroud: Key to Quick Escape

If you're looking for a quick escape, the Aether Shroud makes you invisible for a short time. However, you will only be invisible to zombies, so watch out for nearby enemy soldiers.

Tesla Storm: Electric Attack and Stun

When you use the Tesla Storm Field Upgrade, you will generate electricity that can stagger and damage normal enemies. Additionally, lightning can also connect to other players, so you can create a cooperative attack strategy for your team.

Making Strategy with Call of Duty MW3 Zombies Field Upgrade System

Call of Duty MW3 Using Field Upgrades effectively in Zombies is vital to dealing with the zombie apocalypse. This system, each offering different advantages, encourages a strategic style of play. Here are the strategic uses of each Field Upgrade:

Energy Mine:

  • It provides defense by placing it tactically in areas where enemy swarms are dense.
  • It keeps zombie progression under control, especially in narrow passages or key areas.

Frenzied Guard:

  • It can be used especially if armor is missing or when under a major attack.
  • It should be used carefully, applied strategically to protect your team rather than attracting enemies.

Healing Aura:

  • A Call of Duty MW3 Zombies Field Upgrade loadout that you can use at critical moments to improve the overall health of the team.
  • Increases the team's endurance during challenging missions or intense combat situations.

Frost Blast:

  • It can be used to slow down zombie hordes and buy time for your team.
  • It is an effective tool for escaping in difficult moments or organizing a strategic attack.

Aether Shroud:

  • Can be used for a quick retreat or to provide support to your team.
  • Providing invisibility to zombies makes it easier to take strategic positions.

Tesla Storm:

  • Electric shock gives your team an advantage by surprising enemies.
  • It is an effective attack strategy, especially against large groups of zombies.

The Strategic Role of Field Upgrades

Using Field Upgrade equipment correctly and strategically in Call of Duty MW3 Zombies increases your team's chances of survival and helps you cope with the zombie apocalypse. Understanding the special advantages of each Field Upgrade and using them at the right time will give players an edge on the battlefield.

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