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Hitman is a series that has been in our lives for years. Moreover, almost every game of his was truly legendary. Finally, Hitman Freelancer mode arrived. Now, in the Hitman Freelancer review article, I will talk about what this mode is like. In fact, we are not far from anything. Because it brings us gameplay on a rogulike basis. There are probably countless roguelike games we have played so far. That's why I expressed to us that there is no remote mode. If you wish, let's talk about what the mod brings. I would also like to emphasize that my Hitman World of Assassination Freelancer mode review is a direct review of the mode. Now, I can easily move on to the details.

Hitman World of Assassination Freelancer review

What comes with Hitman Freelancer?

It brings roguelike gameplay mechanics to the game. I don't know how it comes to your mind, but it's not bad at all. It manages to be annoying at times, yes. But, it's really not bad at all. The game starts you off nearly naked. Then it gives a little introduction to your main venue called Safehouse. Here it shows you how to take on missions, your weapons, etc. Then, he releases you to the task. Missions generally consist of 3-4 parts. You do a few missions and then he sends you to an assassination that can be described as a "boss fight". If you haven't done serious planning, your job will be really difficult.

One of the things I should mention in my Hitman Freelancer mode review is definitely the missions. There are different task groups in the game. These:

  • Arms Trafficking: Gun and explosive deaths
  • Eco Crime: Entrapment and accidental deaths
  • Big Pharma: poisonous deaths
  • Organ Trafficking: Melee deaths and drugging
  • Assassination: silent deaths
  • Sick Games: Variable tasks you will see when you start your contract
  • Psy Ops: Blinding and avoiding detection missions
  • Espionage: Stealth and silence duties

From these types of tasks, you need to choose the one that suits you. In the end, you do whichever you are more comfortable with. When you start these missions, the game sends you to a random part of the map. Frankly, this is really annoying. When I first started fashion, I was torn between 2 teams many times. I couldn't pass, I got caught and died. This threw away all my progress up to that point. Yes, if you fail, you are left with almost nothing. If you want to have items in the Safehouse, you need to obtain them and store them while on missions. Of course, there are other ways to get weapons and equipment. I will talk about them too.

Hitman World of Assassination Freelancer review

Hitman Freelancer weapons and equipment

The first method is to find new weapons in missions and bring them back to Safehouse. You can find weapons and equipment in NPCs and locations. You bring these to the Safehouse if you successfully complete the mission. Here, your weapons and equipment are stored if you drop them on the ground. Most missions have at least one supplier. In this way, you can buy new weapons. However, you can check this by looking at the details in the location information before starting a mission. Again, once the mission is over, you can bring these weapons and equipment to the Safehouse. Then there is the issue of finding equipment and weapons from the crates. As you complete the mission, there are safes inside the Safehouse and within the mission. By opening these, you can get equipment from them.

It would be beneficial to save the equipment you have put in Safehouse. Because the later missions get really hard. It is essential that you be prepared. Once you choose a task for yourself and your equipment, you will be much more comfortable. In particular, it will be a great advantage to save these equipment for boss missions. However, remember that if you fail, you will lose these equipment. One thing that comes to my mind right now in my Hitman World of Assassination Freelancer mode review article is the locations that open over time. And let's talk about them.

Hitman World of Assassination Freelancer review

Places that open as you level up

As you play the game and complete main and side missions, you earn money and experience. These allow you to level up. As you level up, new things unlock. The locations that open as you level up are as follows:

  • wardrobe: Mastery Level 2
  • bathroom: Mastery Level 4
  • upstairs: Mastery Level 6
  • garage: Mastery Level 8
  • Outside: Mastery Level 12
  • shooting range: Master Level 13
  • Vault: Mastery Level 16
  • Practice Space: Mastery Level 18
  • office: Mastery Level 20
  • Gym: Mastery Level 22
  • bedroom: Mastery Level 31
  • Shed: Mastery Level 32

So, you have to work hard to open every place in Safehouse. Reaching level 32 is really tiring. But it's definitely not impossible. If you want to level up, you need to do a lot of quests and, moreover, side quests. What I mean by side missions is mini missions that occur outside the main goal when you start the mission. There are missions like "poison this many people" or "kill this many people with this class of weapon". You definitely don't have to do these tasks. However, if you do you will gain experience and money. Money is seriously important.

Also, don't worry. Tasks that seem extremely difficult at first become much simpler over time. Because, over time, you get used to the maps. You know the maps as if you placed them by hand. You learn where to run, where to hide, secret passages, what you need. Playing the mode becomes much faster after a while. Anyway, you only start to enjoy the mod after playing it for 3-4 hours. So, I highly recommend you to be patient.

Hitman World of Assassination Freelancer review

Crates in the game

There is a detail that I definitely want to mention in my Hitman Freelancer mode review article. This is the safes in the game. In Hitman Freelancer, you can see the location of safes on your map if they are actually there. Since the missions are designed in a roguelike manner, safes are likely not to be everywhere. But you can check this from the briefing information. Once you arrive in the area, check your surroundings using instinct mode to look for anything noticeable.

Did you find the safe? So, next up are passwords. To unlock the safe, you must find three safe clues hidden near each safe. Even though they're not in the same room as the safe most of the time, they're not too far away for these clues. Use instinct mode to search the area. This will draw attention to the clues by highlighting items such as notes, documents, or tablets with a bright yellow color. You can start collecting these tips without actually going to the checkout.

What else can you say?

In general, especially this way. If you've played Hitman before, you already know about the butterfly effect. By placing a trap or activating or deactivating something, you can cause many things. Defeating your enemies in creative ways is seriously fun. That's why I recommend you master the maps first. If this is your first time on a map, skim the briefing. Here you can generally understand what is going on. However, if this sounds boring and you don't mind losing, go in and experience it for yourself.

During my time playing the game, I did not encounter any errors. There is already a new version of Hitman 3, which is already a solid game. So, an existing game's name was changed and became Hitman World of Assassination. On top of that, it came with an enjoyable game mode like Freelancer, which became legendary.

What is the Hitman World of Assassination Freelancer mode review result?

We have come to the Hitman World of Assassination Freelancer mode review result. I can say that the series has changed a lot since its new version. first and We reviewed the second game before. I talked about the general features without going into too much detail and not wanting to spoil your fun or enjoyment. After playing the game for 3-5 hours, game It opens really badly. That's why it requires patience in the beginning. Especially the issue of spawning in ridiculous places when you don't have any equipment is very annoying. I wish we could choose where we would be born. But I haven't had such a chance so far. Maybe there are more advanced stages, I'm not sure. However, as far as I can see, there is no such thing.

If you are patient and continue playing, it becomes incredibly enjoyable after a while. You feel like you can topple huge armies with a snap of your fingers. This is an extremely enjoyable feeling. So, if you have the patience and like to feel powerful and rewarded, I highly recommend it. I won't get into a conversation about prices because we can't get out of that business. If you are looking for a game to distract yourself, this is a mode that should not be overlooked.

Hitman 3 Review


If you have the patience, it's a perfect mode to distract yourself.


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