Yazar: Gamer Media, Editör Yazım tarihi: 20.12.2019

Halo Infinite has a year to go before it but new clues regarding the next game of the popular FPS series are revealed.

Halo Infinite developer, 343 Industries, announced some new details about the game in an end-of-year review update.

The developer announced that the general public would actually be able to access Infinite via Flighting in 2020–basically beta/alpha tests. As always, before more players are invited and more content is shared, they must start small and limited.

It's not exactly clear what 343 will test or when the first of these testings will start, but it's fair to say they'll concentrate on the multiplayer of the game.

343 said that Infinite already had "up and run" split-screen. 343 also added that LAN will be supported by Halo Infinite. In addition to that, with the new game, the customization of Armour, a massive part of Halo games, will be expanded.

Despite the given details are scarce, developers seem confident with the next game of the popular FPS game series. Without giving out much information, the developer said that Halo: Reach fans will not be disappointed with the new game. Creator mode, Forge, will also be a part of Infinite. Moreover, the creator mode for the first time will feature undo and redo features.

Halo Infinite releases on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X during the holiday season next year. You can watch the gameplay trailer of the game below.


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