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For Half-Life: Alyx, Valve has shown only one trailer so far, but some of those who went to play the game are beginning to post their own videos.

Tech website Tested took a trip to Valve's headquarters to play Half-Life: Alyx for several hours. They used Valve's flagship Index headset, as well as other cheaper, more popular alternatives.

Editor Norman Chan posted a long video with a guest appearance by ex-Tested and VR enthusiast Will Smith recapping his experiences. There's a smattering of off-screen gameplay footage in between. It is safe to say it is certainly a much longer and more complex than what we saw in the reveal trailer of the game.

The two things that stood out were their perceptions of asset quality. And secondly, how different forms of motion tracking can alter the experience. Alyx may just be the first VR game to look in graphical fidelity compared to current games in VR scene.

The video also gives a decent look at how Alyx works with the different VR headsets. Most of them seem to perform well due to their movement control/tracking capabilities, with some anticipated limitations.

Half Life: Alyx will be available next year, on March 30 for PC users.

You can watch Tested's video below.

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