Yazar: Gamer Media, Editör Yazım tarihi: 20.12.2019

Rockstar has a good reward for tracking down and finding the serial killer for GTA Online players.

The recent update to GTA Online's Casino Heist added one non-traditional mission about which many may not even know.

In Blaine County, there is a serial killer on the loose, and he has left behind some clues. Rockstar has now announced the payout for the murderer's capture. Your own weapon, the Navy Revolver, is your reward for detaining the murderer.

You can not only use the Navy Revolver in GTA Online but also bring it back to Red Dead Online in time.

In GTA Online, solving the mystery will also trigger the Navy Revolver Challenge, which will reward you GTA$250,000 with the same weapon for 50 kills. Completing the challenge in Red Dead Online will spawn the pistol.

This quest also has another layer. Not only will the Navy Revolver move to Red Dead Online, you will also have to find it in that game. Rockstar says that players will have to look for answers in New Hanover, West Elizabeth and Lemoyne.

This is definitely a perfect integration of Rockstar's two most popular online games. Players will certainly experience the exciting features that the games offer to players, in both Wild West and Los Santos.

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