Yazar: Gamer Media, Editör Yazım tarihi: 15.08.2022

Half a year ago, Rockstar Games officially confirmed the development of GTA 6. However, there is still no official information about the project. And it will probably be a while before we see the first material from the highly anticipated open-world game. For the moment, there are only statements from some insiders who apparently know more about GTA 6. One of the well-known names is Tez2, who has spoken out again.

Photorealism for GTA 6?

According to the insider, the team has ambitious plans when it comes to the graphics of the title. The makers want to achieve quasi photorealism with GTA 6. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 already show what an impressive world the creative developers at Rockstar Games can create. Especially optical highlights like ray tracing are probably part of it. Publisher Take-Two recently announced that Grand Theft Auto 6 will change the gaming world forever.

More leaks about the new GTA

Bloomberg only recently revealed some information about the GTA successor. According to this, a fictional version of Miami will serve as the setting for the title. For the first time in the history of the series, there will probably also be a female protagonist. Two playable characters are planned for GTA 6. Rockstar Games is taking inspiration from Bonnie and Clyde. The report also states that the release is still at least two years away.

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