Yazar: Staff, Editör Yazım tarihi: 29.07.2022

Stephen Totilo - a journalist from the Axios news outlet - has revealed some information about GTA 6 and, specifically, about the initial plans of Rockstar Games, which was aiming for four characters and three cities in one game.

This is all that was indicated by Totilo. As plans have already been cancelled, it is believable that there is not much more information out there. However, what was revealed is interesting for another reason: it gives insight into how ambitious GTA 6 was in Rockstar Games' plans. After GTA 5, the company certainly wanted to come up with something even more massive.

Let's specify, however, that according to Jason Schreier's meaty report, GTA 6 is still very large, with more indoor environments. In addition, it seems that the company's idea is to expand the game over time with new cities and new content, so it is possible that some of the initial ideas will still be implemented and released in the months and years after the game's release.

The decision to limit the magnitude of GTA 6 could also be related to Rockstar Games' desire to become a more balanced company with a better working environment for employees (or in other words, to avoid the crunch as much as possible). We have already discussed this as well, in our dedicated news story presenting the company's steps forward.

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