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After more than three years, Matthew "DarkViperAU" Judge, a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer, has finally finished playing through GTA 5 with an incredibly low death toll which we call a Pacifist Run.

Beginning in 2019, DarkViperAU has been attempting to complete the GTA 5 story without directly murdering any of the game's opponents or NPCs unless it was necessary for plot advancement. This was always going to be a rather difficult task in a game where crime and violence are rampant, and although he could utilize mods to test theories, DarkViperAU also forbade himself from using them to complete missions.

DarkViperAU has slogged through the GTA V plot using a combination of stealth, glitches, and tactics over the course of 27 episodes stretched out over 1,227 days (which allegedly compresses over 1,000 hours of gaming). He has completed the game with an absurdly low number of self-inflicted wounds by avoiding battle wherever feasible and by employing AI controlled teammates or even the Los Santos Police Department to conduct the shooting when gunfights had to take place.

DarkViperAU finished his pacifist GTA V run with just 96 eliminations, according to his own kept statistics. Only 30 of the deaths required a bullet as well; the remaining deaths were entirely the result of fistfights.

In this series finale, DarkViperAU employs a variety of absurd tactics to persuade Michael, Franklin, and Trevor to kill their respective big bads. Here is your spoiler alert in case you have been living under a rock and are unaware of what happens in GTA 5's narrative.

How to do the GTA 5 Pacifist Run?

The YouTuber tries to lure Stretch as Michael into the military installation, but he only manages to sponge some tank shells. He also makes numerous futile attempts to shove Stretch off of high buildings. In the end, he successfully defeats Stretch as a pacifist, thanks to good fortune and an NPC food truck.

Things proved to be a little more challenging for Trevor's murder of Steve Haines. Even though certain changes were used to see if Steve could be drowned or shot in the middle of a police shootout, it was ultimately determined that a pacifist takedown was not feasible.

There were other inventive ideas about how Franklin might kill Wei Cheng (such as dragging Cheng's car into the military base), but a plan was eventually developed to guarantee a pacifist demise. Cheng would follow in a car and repeatedly drive into the water, slowly suffering from drowning each time. Genius.

The final act of kidnapping Devin was, arguably, the simplest. Guards would chase you if you merely hid beneath the pool area of his mansion, but they would die from the fall damage they would sustain. When everyone had finished acting like lemmings, Trevor had little trouble grabbing Devin.

In his final video, DarkViperAU, who started uploading his Pacifist% GTA V series in May 2019, states: "This series has amassed over 30 million views and 90,000 followers. Additionally, it has cost me a good deal of my sanity, but it was well worth it.

Surprisingly, the Australian suggests that he may still continue the story or take on side quests while acting pacifistically in the future.

It will be intriguing to see if he can complete a second run by the GTA 6 release date after his previous attempt took three years.

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