Yazar: Yaşar Baturalp Artar, Editör Yazım tarihi: 27.02.2020

GOG will have a new refund policy, which may sound too good to be true to you. The platform introduced a 30-day money-back guarantee for all purchases. Players will be able to refund the games they bought if it doesn't work on their computer. The system is easily exploitable, therefore the company asks from the players to do no harm.

The retailer introduced the policy to make the life easier to many customers. From time to time, we see some games which become unplayable on some systems after updates. This policy will ensure the player never gets stuck with an unplayable game. On the contrary, the policy is potentially exploitable and there are no precautions taken. The retailer will watch the revenue flow and decide to keep it or not.

GOG is clearly aware of the exploit risk, and states that they will ensure the developers will get their cut. If the system causes developers to gain less money from their hard works, they will stop it. Also, the retailer may refuse to refund the game case by case. There will not be an automati refund system, so players will have to contact the support to refund their game.

“Please respect all the time and hard work put into making the games you play and remember that refunds are not reviews,” the retailer explains.

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