Yazar: Yaşar Baturalp Artar, Editör Yazım tarihi: 25.02.2020

For the last few days, Ghost Recon Breakpoint fans were questioning where the promised Immersive Mode update was. Ubisoft just announced that the update will be delayed to Spring 2020, setting a new deadline. The major Immersive Mode Update for the latest Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon game will go live later this year.

The developers explain the delay by admitting the process was harder than they expected. Developing the mode is more complex than the previous updates, so they decided to extend the time they have to work on it. Ubisoft's full statement reads:

"Our objective with the new immersive mode is to provide an impactful update to the game. For this, we’ll be also using your feedback as the foundation. The immersive mode is built upon the results of the Community Survey, your observations gathered by our Community Managers, and workshops with the Delta Company alongside extensive playtesting. We are in the process of creating an experience that will change the way you play Ghost Recon Breakpoint."

The studio also mentioned that more details will be provided on March 5th, near the release. We will update you with more news on this, as Ubisoft updates the press over time.

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