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Users can listen to music while playing games or chatting with friends using Discord Music Bots.

With a ton of features that make it simple to create a community of people with similar interests, Discord has been one of the greatest platforms for connecting with your friends. The option to install music bots on their servers is one of its characteristics that the general public adores.

While many people who want to listen to music on Discord will find this convenient, it comes at the unpleasant consequence of constantly running into copyright problems. In reality, Google issued a cease-and-desist order against Groovy and Rhythm, resulting in the closure of two of the biggest Discord music bots.

We've prepared a list of available music bots to add, instructions on how to add them, and usage tips if you're seeking for Discord music bots that are still functional as of right now. For information, see below.

Discord Music Bots: What are they?

The creation of Discord Music bots must mimic that of a virtual Discord member. To get the bot to join your channel and start playing music, you must enter a command.

Here are the best Discord music bots: 

  • Fredboat
  • MEE6
  • Chip Bot
  • Hydra
  • Vexera
  • ProBot


A free to use Discord music bot named Fredboat plays music from well-known websites like YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Twitch. This bot also offers a few playlist choices, including shuffle and the choice to repeat a single song or your full playlist, depending on your preferences. Users can utilize the built-in search engine to search within Discord rather than on the website, and FredBoat will discover the results for you. Genius.


MEE6 claims to be the "most stable and user-friendly music bot," and with good cause. It provides a dashboard designed just for finding, playing, and replaying music into your Discord server. MEE6 is one of the more versatile bots on our list due to its many plugins and ability to be used for moderation, custom commands, and a variety of applications.

Chip bot

Chip Bot puts you in full control of your music with a 24-hour service, excellent audio, and a variety of options, from Chip's prefix to the equalizer. You may use Chip directly from your Discord server thanks to its more than 80 commands, which are free to use unless you pay up for the premium account.


On our list, Hydra, which calls itself "the perfect discord bot," is one of the most impressive and versatile bots. The large web dashboard offers customization options, a feature-rich command list, and a special song request channel. Behind the bot's premium service are a number of additional capabilities, like 24/7 playback and auto play, but they are not free. A good choice for the majority of people in the Discord-loving community.


Similar to MEE6, Vexera is a versatile service that offers a number of instructions that may be executed using Discord, such as skipping, beginning, and stopping music. Vexera, which currently supports over 300,000 Discord servers, is a well-liked option and is free to use.


Last but not least, ProBot is a Discord bot with a wide range of skills, including music of course, but also social commands, moderation, welcome image creation, and more. ProBot is on the list because it boasts 99.99% uptime and supports more than 13 languages.


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