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Of course, tactics are back in FIFA 23, and these customizable sliders and settings allow you to change your team's tactics both before and during a game. Following your decisions on the FIFA 23 tactics, your players will respond.

Additionally, you have the choice to select "custom tactics" in Ultimate Team in addition to the sliders that EA has previously included. This feature enables you to modify your tactics style for each mode, perfecting forms, scenarios, and more. You should be able to play the game better and manage your team more effectively as a result of all of these.

An summary of all the leaked FIFA 23 strategies can be found below.

In this manner, you will be aware of what each choice entails before modifying the way your squad plays.

FIFA 23 tactics

You can select from a variety of different approaches in FIFA 23. Those are

Defence tactics

The list of defensive strategies isn't extensive, but it concentrates on your defense's style and how wide or deep it is when you don't have the ball.

  • Defensive style – the variety of defensive style options governs how your team presses on the ball, whether they are focused on maintaining pressure or holding back. It also covers how you capitalise on opportunities the opponents leave for you.
  • Defence width – the width options change how wide your defence is and whether they are spread across the pitch or focused on a specific area
  • Defence depth – the depth of your defence is mainly centred on how far you have to travel to put pressure on the ball.

Offence tactics

The main focus of offense strategy is how your team plays when attempting to score against the opposition and where they stand for crosses, corners, and free kicks.

  • Build-up play – the build-up play option is related to how your team advances on the pitch, pushes up towards the opponents’ goal, and what opportunities they take.
  • Chance creation – this option is mostly focused on how your team creates opportunities for other players in the team when it comes to attacking and scoring.
  • Width – the offensive width relates to how much your team will shift to the ball side and where your passing opportunities will be
  • Players in box – when it comes to the players in a box option, this tactic governs how many players make runs into the penalty box when crossing
  • Corners – this penultimate tactic for the offence is related to the placement of teammates in the opposition’s penalty area during corner kicks.
  • Free kicks – finally, the free kicks tactic covers how many of your players are in the opposition’s penalty area during free kicks.

There you have it, then. These strategies were made known as a result of gamers having early access to the game in August 2022. Up until the game's release, more specific choices, such as Game Plans and unique options for every technique, won't be made public. But as soon as we get our hands on it, we'll update this manual.

That concludes our overview of the FIFA 23 strategies, which should give you a better understanding of what each choice means and how it operates. To obtain a deeper understanding of how everything in the game operates, though, check out our other tips on FIFA 23 crossplay and FIFA 23 chemistry in Ultimate Team.

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