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Is there anything in the early stages of a FIFA game that is more intimidating than the Puzzle Master SBC? In FIFA 23, the Squad Building Challenge is no exception to the rule of challenging your cognitive abilities. We will try to give you the cheapest FIFA 23 Puzzle Master SBC solution.

Although the puzzle's difficulty hasn't changed, the prerequisites have, making this year's version even more challenging to understand. Therefore, don't worry if you're staring at the Web App and aren't sure where to begin. We've got you covered.

Using the cheapest FIFA 23 players we could locate on the market, here is the finest FIFA 23 Puzzle Master SBC solution. Your burden will be greatly reduced and you'll be one step closer to a big pack payoff if you can solve this SBC.

Puzzle Master SBC requirements

The prerequisites for Puzzle Master in FIFA 23 are as follows:

  • Exactly five leagues in a squad
  • Exactly six nationalities in a squad
  • Max two players from the same squad
  • Minimum team rating of 80
  • Minimum 20 squad total chemistry points

Right now, this seems like a nightmare. We'll try our best to assist you snap out of it, though. You don't have to worry about loyalty bonuses at least this year.

FIFA 23 Puzzle Master SBC solution

In FIFA 23, there are a number of methods to complete the Puzzle Master SBC, but this is one of the best we've seen so far.

FIFA 23 Puzzle Master SBC solution – how to solve

See, we did not deny that we would help you awaken from this nightmare. Check out our FIFA 23 First XI solution and our list of the FIFA 23 cheapest players now that you're awake.

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