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In the early stages of any new FIFA Ultimate Team season, we all want to add some quality players to our clubs, and opening some packs is one method to do so. In FIFA 23, FUT players have discovered some quick and simple ways to obtain some spicily free packs for 350,000 coins.

Although these packs aren't tradeable, they still offer a fantastic opportunity to bolster your team with excellent players who can either join your starting XI right away or be recycled for tradeable packs in specific SBCs, such Marquee Matchups.

So how can you obtain these incredibly sought-after FIFA 23 free packs? Speedrunning some Milestone tasks is the simplest and quickest way to obtain three of the four packs (one Rare Players Pack and two Jumbo Rare Players Packs). The quickest and simplest way to accomplish this is to go to Squad Battles and engage in matches on the easiest setting, which will allow you to thoroughly dominate your opponents.

Assist 500 (assisting 500 goals), Score 500 (scoring 500 goals), and Finesse 100 are the achievements in discussion (score 100 goals using finesse shots). As long as you keep in mind to always have someone setting up each goal to tick off the assists (don't just dribble through teams with a single player), and as long as you also make sure that the majority of the goals you score are finesse finishes, you should be able to accomplish these goals in about eight to ten Squad Battles matches. Depending on how many goals you can score in each game, you might complete it sooner (and how much progress towards these objectives you have already from other modes).

FIFA 23 free packs - How to get them

The new FUT Moments mode, which is also a wonderful method to get some early packs, is comparable to the grind for these three packs in that it can be completed solo, which is its best feature.

You will want assistance from a teammate to complete the other Milestone target grind, which can earn you two additional Rare Players Packs.

You must finish the Bronze Squad Mastery and Silver Squad Mastery sets in order to receive these packs (as well as some other minor awards). You must score goals and win matches with all-Bronze and all-Silver teams in order to complete these.

Teaming up with someone and going to FUT Friendlies is the quickest way to finish these sets. To give the other team the victory, one player should quickly permit the other to score. Continue doing this until you have completed all of your goals, and then obviously repay your partner.

According to player reports, finishing both the Bronze and Silver sets should take an hour to an hour and a half.

It might take a few hours of grinding, and it might get a little boring, but using these techniques will give you access to a number of highly sought-after packs with a combined value of 350k that you can spend to strengthen your club.

Check out our FIFA 23 cheapest players guide for the most economical high-rated players if you regrettably are unable to bring any great SBC fodder.

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