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In FIFA 23's Kick Off feature, you can create games either against CPUs or other players. In a game with up to 4 people, you can use any team on the roster to take on an AI-controlled team. The Men's Team and the Women's Team cannot compete against one another is the only restriction.

How to Play Kick Off Mode in FIFA 23?

Select Kick Off mode from the Play Modes menu on the FIFA 23 Home Screen. Unless you're using the Live Form function, which necessitates a connection to EA servers, you don't need an internet connection to play this mode.

Once you're in the FIFA 23 Kick Off mode, you may choose from a range of settings to alter how the game plays out. Depending on the AI difficulty, the applicable rules, etc.

FIFA 23 Kick Off Mode Match Types

You can play the following match types in FIFA 23's Kick Off mode:

  • Classic Match: The standard match type with all the traditional FIFA 23 rules.
  • House Rules: A match types that lets you control what rules are applicable. You can play matches that have little to no rules. Customize which rules you want to play with or go with one of the many presets like No Rules, Survival, First To, Long Range, and Headers and Volleys.
  • Volta Football: Play using authentic teams and their players in 3v3 matches, House Rules, 4x4 Rush, 5v5, and Futsal. You can pick different arena sizes with or without walls and their environments.
  • UEFA Champions League: Setup your own championship tournament in group stage matches. You can select the specific rules and visuals to provide an authentic and realistic tournament simulation.
  • CONMEBOL Libertadores: Play matches in the CONMEBOL Libertadores. You can pick games from one off stage matches, home, and maya semi-finals.
  • Cup Finals: Setup a match in one of the Cup Finals in real life including Europa League Final, Champions League Final, FA Cup Final, and others.
  • Home & Away: Play a game of two matches with the win determined by which team has scored the most combined goals. If both teams are tied in score, the win goes to the team with the most away goals. If both teams are still tied regardless, the game time is extended and then a penalty shootout.
  • Best Of Series: Play a best of 3 or 5 set of classic matches to determine the winner.

Play these games against other players or CPUs that are being controlled by AI. With the new features in FIFA 23, Kick Off mode has never been better.

FIFA 23 Kick Off Mode Options

The FIFA 23 Kick Off mode allows you to tailor matches to suit your preferences. The choices available to you in this game mode are as follows:

  • Select Side: Play as Home or Away. If you want to play against friends, you can pick different sides to be pitted against each other. You can also pick the same side in order to play together against a CPU controlled team. You’re able to invite friends from this menu.
  • Live Form: You can update your team’s formation to match their counterparts in real life using current data online. This will also create a match for you based on the upcoming fixture of your favorite club. This feature can be turned off at the team selection screen if you choose.
  • Advantage Settings: Change the starting score of the match, competence of AI teammates with or without the ball, and others.
  • Team Management: Manage your team.
  • Game Settings: Edit the rules of each game and other settings related to gameplay.
  • Controller Settings: Check and configure your controls.
  • Detailed Stats: Check the statistics of your matches.

Check out this FIFA 23 Kick Off mode trailer from the official EA Sports Fifa channel on YouTube.

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