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You should finish Squad Building Challenges if you want to earn some quick money on FIFA. While some may be a joy to finish, others will be a pain in the rear. The First XI SBC from Hybrid Leagues, which demands you to combine players from 11 different leagues with a particular amount of chemistry, is one of the hardest of them all. We will try to provide you FIFA 23 First XI SBC solutions.

The SBC is renowned for being challenging, and EA has altered the prerequisites for finishing this because of recent changes to the game's chemical system. Players no longer need to field players from a single nation in order to discover FIFA 23 First XI solutions; they simply need to have a minimum of 27 Squad Total Chemistry points.

This is made worse by how inadequate the game's chemistry system guide is. This FIFA 23 First XI SBC answers guide has been created as a result to aid you in completing the puzzle as quickly and affordably as you can.

FIFA 23 First XI SBC requirements

The conditions to finish the First XI SBC in FIFA 23 are as follows:

  • Exactly 11 leagues in squad
  • Exactly gold players
  • Minimum seven rare players
  • Minimum two chemistry points on each player
  • Minimum 27 squad total chemistry points

The days of requiring 100 percent loyalty and chemistry are over. You will now require a minimum of 27 squad chemistry points for this iteration of First XI, as well as two chemistry points for each player.

Players in FIFA 23 are allowed a maximum of three chemistry points. Players can earn these by partnering up with individuals from their nation, league, or club. They develop chemistry as a result of playing in position.

With this in mind, you should play players in their natural position and have connections to players from similar countries in order to solve the FIFA 23 First XI SBC. You should choose players from a single nation keeping in mind the above and the necessity to have players from 11 different leagues. Argentina and Brazil are your greatest possibilities in this situation.

FIFA 23 First XI SBC solution

We are developing a couple different solutions for this SBC using different nations because the market is now somewhat volatile. Please be aware, however, that the SBC is now impossible to complete due to an EA problem.


Here is the finest FIFA 23 First XI lineup made up entirely of Argentine players. Please take note that Palacios needs to swap positions to the right wing.

FIFA 23 First XI SBC solutions – how to solve and cheapest players


Here is our second suggestion, this time utilizing Brazilian athletes.

FIFA 23 First XI SBC solutions – how to solve and cheapest players

We advise you to first verify your club and the market prices to make sure you're receiving the greatest deal.

The greatest of FIFA 23 First XI SBC solutions is thus shown. Keep a look out for future updates as we add more options to this guide.

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