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New modes, squads, and gaming features to learn. The first few weeks of a new FIFA game are frequently exciting and joyful. However, they can also be difficult.

Have you recently missed your chance to snag a low-cost, highly-rated player off the FUT Transfer Market? You have a dozen shots on goal, but no goals? There are several situations that will make you angry.

It is clear that EA Sports went above and beyond with FIFA 23 to make sure that those who get angry easily enjoys the game with little risk of a brokencontroller. FIFA 23 offers a new setting that allows prevent "critical commentary". It's just like how some extremely offensive celebrations banned from the FIFA series a few years ago.

It's safe to say there are some words you don't want to hear after making a mistake in FIFA 23. The majority of the commentary in FIFA 23 from people like Derek Rae is entirely harmless.And to be honest it just adds to the authenticity and atmosphere of the game. Some of those times will be eliminated by this adjustment, which Reddit user "invuh" noticed.

FIFA 23 how to stop Derek Rae roasting you

It's unclear precisely how many lines this will cut or what kind of jokes this feature will ban. Whether there will be any somewhat creepy silences to fill is another unknown. The fact that this is a novel scenario that few would have anticipated appearing in FIFA 23 is certain.

Those of you with strong personalities might not need to worry about this new function, but you could find it beneficial if you have a graveyard of broken controllers.

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