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It's time to start assembling your FUT team for Division Rivals, leading your favorite team to victory in Career Mode, or impressing your friends with goals in Pro Clubs now that FIFA 23 has finally here. Examining your FIFA 23 controller settings is one thing you can do if you want to step up your game this year. Finding the greatest FIFA 23 camera settings, as well as the best FIFA 23 controller settings, is crucial, which may surprise you.

With a little practice, of course, there are several parameters you can change in FIFA 23's settings menu to expand on your game and better whether you're wanting to play a competitive or leisure game. While the majority of these enhancements relate to quality of life, FIFA 23 also offers a number of intriguing accessibility features. Even though we won't talk about them today, you should research them before starting your first game.

Anyway, let's get back to the top FIFA 23 controller settings right away. Below, you'll find all the information you need to make the necessary changes. You might even discover that this modification is more important than the new striker you recently acquired.

Best FIFA 23 controller settings

Okay, let's start working on that. We asked renowned FIFA content creator and coach "AlexBee" for the important controller settings adjustments you need to make in FIFA 23 after playing around with the new FIFA.

Here are the ideal FIFA 23 controller settings, without further ado:

  • Competitive Master Switch: On (automatic when playing online)
  • FIFA Trainer: Hide (useful for beginners but not necessary)
  • Through Pass Assistance: Semi
  • Timed Finishing: On
  • Next Player Switch Indicator: On
  • Pass Block Assistance: On
  • Auto Switching: On Air Balls and Loose Balls
  • Auto Switch Move Assistance: None
  • Clearance Assistance: Classic
  • Player Lock: On
  • Icon Switching: Off
  • Right Stick Switching: Classic
  • Right Stick Switching Reference: Player Relative
  • Ground Pass Assistance: Assisted
  • Shot Assistance: Assisted
  • Cross Assistance: Assisted
  • Lob Pass Assistance: Assisted
  • Lobbed Through Pass: Semi
  • Save Assistance: Assisted
  • Analog Sprint: Off
  • Pass Receiver Lock: Late
  • User Vibration Feedback: Off (PlayStation 5 DualSense only)
  • Trigger Effect: Off (PlayStation 5 DualSense only)

That's all there is to it, I suppose. Even though there haven't been many changes from FIFA settings from the previous year, it's still a good idea to check these before playing. This will help you play better and should lead to more victories, whether you're pushing forward with the best FIFA 23 midfielders or tracking back with the best FIFA 23 center backs.

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