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Changing your camera settings is one of the simplest things you can do to enhance your playing experience in FIFA 23. We know there are many things you need to consider if you want to perform at your best. Similar to the game from the previous year, you have access to a wide range of settings and options, and we're here to help you comprehend them. We've included the ideal FIFA 23 camera settings below for both recreational and competitive play.

There are a lot of pre-set camera settings available, ranging from Tele Broadcast and Pro to EA Sports GameCam and Co-Op. It can be challenging to choose which camera setting is optimal for viewing what's happening on the field. Additionally, if you're playing in more competitive modes, you should think about how you can outwit your rival because employing the optimal FIFA 23 camera settings can significantly improve your ability to line up shoots and track back as a defense.

In light of this, we have searched the internet for what we consider to be the greatest alternatives for FIFA 23 camera settings, both for those of you playing for fun and for those of you playing competitively.

FIFA 23 best casual camera settings

You're going to want to choose the Co-Op camera setting for the Single Player Camera option, starting with those of you who are playing casually. You must then alter the Camera Height and Camera Zoom to 20 and 0, respectively, under the Camera Settings section.

Tele Broadcast is another option if you prefer something that has a slightly more traditional feel. This video from "FP Good Game" demonstrates how having the Camera Height set to 17 is preferable for this particular angle. One thing to keep in mind is that you should make sure you can see the touchline, so whatever you do, don't zoom in too far.

FIFA 23 best competitive camera settings

Interestingly, you must return to the aforementioned Tele Broadcast if you want to use the finest competitive camera settings. Instead, you should use Tele Broadcast this time around with a Camera Height of 10 and a Camera Zoom of 0. This should make it easier for you to tell who is paying attention and what is happening in larger contexts.

You don't like this? You might, however, return to the Co-Op camera option and change the settings to Camera Height 17 and Camera Zoom 3. This setting can work for you if you prefer to vary things up frequently. Simply said, you should be able to view more of the field using this, which will result in more of your players being visible on the screen at once.

Having the greatest camera settings will benefit you more than you might initially believe, regardless of whether you're searching for the FIFA 23 best strikers or FIFA 23 best formations. Therefore, it's important to adjust them as quickly as you can.

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