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There is no doubt that you are aware that you must locate a FIFA 23 Around the World SBC solution if you are considering purchasing one of the early Rare Mega Packs in the FIFA Web app. You can find the FIFA 23 Around the World SBC solutions here.

While not as challenging as, say, the First XI SBC, Around the World is one of the early game Squad Building Challenges that will put your intellect to the test. However, recent chemistry modifications and the absence of position changes have made this puzzle more challenging.

But fear not—we've put our brains together to come up with the greatest FIFA 23 Around the World SBC option that should get you closer to that Rare Mega Pack while costing the least amount of money imaginable. So let's get started, shall we?

Around the World SBC requirements

The Around the World SBC requirements for FIFA 23 are as follows:

  • Exactly ten nationalities in squad
  • Minimum eight rare players
  • Minimum 81 team rating
  • Minimum two chemistry points on each player
  • Minimum 24 squad total chemistry points

Even though the qualifications are very different from prior years, you still need to choose a league with a diverse roster of high-caliber players. The Premier League and Serie A are the top leagues for this.


You cannot now finish FIFA 23's Around the World SBC. This is due to the threshold being 24 squad total chemistry points rather than 22.

As soon as issue is resolved, we'll add a fix to this guide.

While you wait, be sure to read our FIFA 23 cheapest players guide, which has all the information on the market's most affordable, highly rated players.

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