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First introduced in Call of Duty World at War, the beloved Zombies mode has appeared in many CoD games over the last 15 years. However, it hasn't been a feature of the Modern Warfare series of games, until now. Here's everything you need to know about the 2023 CoD game Call of Duty MW3 Zombies. But don't expect a traditional Zombies experience. Now, let's move on to the details about Call of Duty MW3 Zombies gameplay.

Call of Duty MW3 Zombies: Operation Deadbolt

Call of Duty MW3 Zombies mod, Operation Deadbolt, is an open-world Zombies experience for up to 24 players. But you can also play alone or in a group, the choice is yours. This makes it the biggest Zombies mod in CoD history. Unfortunately, it's not round-based, it's time-limited. However, it is also possible to extend the duration of MW3 Zombies.

Aptly named Modern Warfare Zombies, this mode will offer a greater experience similar to Black Ops Cold War's Outbreak Zombies. Here's an overview of all the new features and major changes:

  • Open world map with difficulty zones
  • 24 player lobbies
  • Story missions
  • Zombies and enemy soldiers
  • New zombie types
  • Multiple Wonder Weapons, among them a new one
  • Extraction mechanics
  • No round-based gameplay
  • One hour time limit (can be extended)

MW3 Zombies is the first time the mode has appeared in Modern Warfare games. Therefore, fans can't wait to try this mode. Thanks to Call of Duty Next 2023, we can see the gameplay of this ambitious new Zombies mode and a few details you need to consider.

More interesting than this mod's major changes is how it will be supported. Like the game's multiplayer components, Zombies will also receive content updates. What exactly these are has not yet been revealed. However, the story will probably be expanded and new areas will probably be added to the map.

While the idea of ​​open-world Zombies being an expanded experience with multiple updates is exciting, we'd like some traditional Zombies maps, especially round-based ones, to come to Modern Warfare Zombies.

Call of Duty MW3 Zombies Gameplay Details

Modern Warfare Zombies is an extraction survival PvE mode found within Call of Duty MW3 and will take you from various areas of the map to others to complete story missions and objectives. In many ways, it's a unique blend of Warzone's DMZ mode and traditional Zombies.

Unlike most past COD Zombies experiences, the MW3 Zombies mod removes the typical round-based gameplay. However, when you think things are getting out of control, it forces you to exfil. If you still beat the crowds, you get rewards. However, escaping alive is much more advantageous.

What's most interesting is that Modern Warfare Zombies is a much bigger co-op experience than you'd imagine, with players teaming up with other teams. Yes, I told you it's not just you and your team surviving against the zombie horde. Zombies not only has the largest map, but also the largest number of players.

You can enter a room with 24 players alone or with a pre-formed group of players. But you can also combine with other players and groups during the match. Thanks to the inclusion of proximity chat – one of the best features of any multiplayer game, we'd argue – finding other players and hanging out has never been easier. Compared to regular Zombies' original 4-player maximum, that's a big difference.

Due to the extraction nature of MW3 Zombies, you will need to master this mode in order to get through the more difficult areas. We will talk about the zone system later. However, the difficulty will increase as you reach the center of the map. This increased difficulty requires better equipment, so you often need to go in alive to come out stronger.

More Details About Call of Duty MW3 Zombies Gameplay

Fortunately, players start each of their Zombies matches with a Strike Team Operator from MW3, each offering their own "On-Soldier" loadout, a Call of Duty in the blog post explained. Equipment you find and successfully exfiltrate during Zombies matches can be added to five customizable equipment slots for each Operator. Any Operator from MW2 and MW3 can be used, and two more Operators are unlocked by completing certain Zombies missions.

Additionally, Schematics for certain items are called Pacts in Zombies, if you can find them you can use them in the lobby between matches. Each Pact has a certain rarity, which indicates how difficult it is to find it and how much it will affect your weapons or items.

As for weapons, all MW2 and MW3 weapons can be used in Zombies, with the ability to find Contraband weapons during matches also added. However, if you fail the match using Contraband weapons it will disappear. Also introduced were Aether Tools, which will upgrade your currently available weapon to a rarer form. The rarer it is, the more damage it deals.

However, remember that you have a certain period of time, if you can not extend it a little. Yes, as in the previous modes, theoretically you cannot play a single Zombies match forever. From the moment you fall into the match, you will be racing against time to kill zombies, collect items and complete missions, then you will have to exfil. If you don't make it out in time, say goodbye to any rewards you collected.

According to story details we'll be diving into soon, Modern Warfare Zombies also features human enemies for the first time in the series. While facing off against the zombie horde can be chaotic, standing up to Terminus mercenaries with their weapons and gear can certainly be a change. We have no doubt that this simple addition may not work well against soldiers equipped with firearms, let alone spinning in circles against zombies. As such, we expect players to develop creative strategies and loadouts to better combat how to deal with both types of enemies in MW3 Zombies' much larger arena.

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