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Anyone who's familiar with Warzone in the recent years will surely remember the famous bunkers. These locations contains crazy loots and they're back in the game again. If you're wondering where are these bunkers and how you can get inside, you don't need to look further. You've come to the right place.

Warzone Caldera Mercenary Bunkers: Where are they?

Along with the start of the Season 4, Mercenary Bunkers on Caldera will be accessible at last. These bunkers, 7 of them present in game at the moment, are guarded by AI mercenaries and you can only access them with golden keycards this time. You can find the locations of the bunkers below:

1- Mercenary Bunker by the Docks

This is fairly an easy one. You can find this bunker just a bit further to the east of the green observation tower by the docks.

2- Mercenary Bunker by the Runway

If you don't know where you're looking you can easily miss this one. Just look for a building that looks like a Tetris block, the bunker is located in a small room at the northern end.

3- Mercenary Bunker by the Mines

This one is literally in the middle of nowhere. Go to the mines and just head towards the hills until you reach to the marked point on the map below.

4- Mercenary Bunker by the Fields

This is another one that is easy to find. Go by the big silos and you can find the enterance directly lcoated behind them.

5- Mercenary Bunker by the Lagoon

Just travel to west of the airfield and you will find the enterance next to small hut.

6 - Mercenary Bunker by the Power Plant

This is another bunker that falls into the "If you don't know what you're looking for, you might miss it" category. The bunker is located safely behing a waterfall. In the marked location, look for two waterfalls and walk through the left one.

7- Mercenary Bunker by the Resort

Go and find the crescent shaped body of water on the map. The bunker is located on the hill above it.

Where Can I Find the Golden Keycards in Warzone?

Now we know where the bunkers are on Caldera but we have one more step to take before we reach the spoils of war, finding the keycards. Golden Keycards are very rare drops and you can find them either in loot boxes or as contract rewards. These keycards are single use only in one of the 7 Mercenary Bunkers and can't be passed between players.

Warzone Rebirth Reinforced Bunkers

Golden Vaults in Warzone

We have new bunkers available in Rebirth Reinforced as well. These are called Golden Vaults and there are only 3 of them. To open these vaults, you will need a bunker code. You can find the locations of the bunkers in the map below:

Lockers & Keycards

Additionally, we also have three lockers you can open on Rebirth Reinforced. These lockers contain sweet loots and can be found in a vault in the fortress.

What Kind of Loot To Expect in Warzone Bunkers?

In the bunkers of Caldera, you will find decent amount of cash, equipment and of course some nice weapons. Loots will be enough to keep you going to the end of the match. If you don't want to struggle with all the hustle of finding keycards, you can just camp outside one and get both the loots and some kills maybe. For the time being, we are waiting for them to open the bunkers. Let's see how things will turn out.

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