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The gaming highlight of 2022 was Elden Ring. There are a plethora of different explanations for that. However, the enormous variety of weapons, armor, and artifacts is likely to be a feature that stands out for many gamers. In addition, there is always interesting loot to be found both before and after battles. The best armor and weaponry in the game, however, are only accessible after completing specific quest lines. One of these is the Sorceress Sellen quest path. Players can get two excellent sets of mage armor from it. They are Lusat's Set and Azur's Glintstone Set. You must first locate Master Lusat in order to obtain Lusat's Set. Since Elden Ring doesn't provide any cues, a lot of gamers are wondering "where is Master Lusat? ”. In Elden Ring, you can locate Master Lusat here.

Where is Master Lusat in Elden Ring

Sellia Hideaway in Caelid is where you can find Master Lusat. Finding Sellia Hideaway's entrance is the first mission.

How to get into Sellia Hideaway

Head north up the hill and through the wooden tree arch from the Church of the Plague site of grace in the center of Caelid. You can notice a graveyard hidden among some trees and a lone wizard if you look to the northeast. After eliminating the magician, move behind the main headstone and roll or strike the rock face to expose a secret door.

Where is Master Lusat

In Elden Ring, you can locate Master Lusat here. Head down into the cave in the direction of the location of grace from the Sellia Hideaway entrance. Pass a few foes as you descend deeper into the cave until you get to an open area with big crystals. Run over the crystal bridge directly in front of you, and then descend onto a different bridge to the right. Kill the opposition, then leap over the chasm to the following platform. Continue around the platform edge to your right and leap over another gap there. On your left as you descend the slope is another crystal bridge. Run onto it, descend to the ground, then kill an adversary. A cave flanked by two sizable crystals is located behind the adversary. You can locate the body of Master Lusat within.

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