Yazar: Gamer Media, Editör Yazım tarihi: 17.12.2019

Sony has just revealed a very unusual new DualShock 4 controller add-on.

How does it work exactly? The new add-on bolts on the bottom connector of the DualShock 4.  As you can see in the revealing video above, it's a small unit that attaches two extra buttons to the controller's back.

More precisely, these are paddles. The new attachment is similar to what you can see on third-party controllers like those made by Scuf, not to mention the Xbox Elite Controller family of devices. There is an OLED screen between the two paddles that displays assignments to the buttons.

You can map the two paddles, including face buttons and triggers, to any of the controller's keys. Also, the add-on can store up to three different profiles with specific configurations. Maybe, this attachment will come in handy in executing special moves in fighting games like Tekken or Street Fighter. It may be useful in games in shooter genre by adding additional keys to throw grenades, take cover, and more.

The adapter also has its own 3.5 mm connector. Therefore, you can use that instead of the original one of the controller. The DualShock 4 attachment's name will be Back Button Attachment. The attachment will be available from January 23 in America for $ 30. After that, on February 14, the DualShock 4 users in Europe will also get the attachment for € 30.

It also raises questions regarding the new DualShock that may come with Sony's next console in the race, PlayStation 5. Maybe this attachment will be used in the new DualShock model, too.

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