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Disintegration, a strategy-shooter hybrid game created by Halo's co-creator Marcus Lehto, is now entering its final development phase. The game will be tested in beta for the next month, and the test is open to all players. If you would like to participate in the beta test, signing up is available from now on.

The developer of the game, V1 Interactive, announced that they opened beta sign-ups on their official website. Therefore, if you want to sign up for the test, you may follow this link. The beta tests will take place on Tuesday, 28 January 2020 and Wednesday, 29 January 2020.

Furthermore, the multiplayer test times are also announced by the developers. The time beta testing will begin is 8 am PT, 11 am ET, 4 pm UK. If you want to participate in the beta, you can sign up through the link above and hope that you will be picked. The sign-ups will be evaluated randomly to be picked for beta testing.

In addition to this beta phase, developers will also host an open beta from January 31 to February 1. If you want to participate in the Disintegration beta test, it is enough for you to submit your information through the link above. On the other hand, you can also follow the game's social.

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