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We all love spending time in the beginning of a game to select a character to spend many hours together. But when you can't make up your mind, character selection can become an agony as well. Let's face it we've all been there. The game is out for over a week now and we thought we'd give you a helping hand with one of most painful processes of the game: Character selection. Diablo Immortal offers 6 classes to pick from and each of them have their unique advantages for different playthroughs.


Are you're a lone wolf and want to play solo? You need a class that depends less on the help of others and you have to be able to survive on your own.

Are you a team player and want to enjoy the game with friends? You might want to give up some solo power and invest in some skills for the good of the party.

PVP players however will need to be able to deal with incoming damage themselves while focusing on dealing enough damage to come out victorious from the battle.

In this list we will examine each style and try to help you make the best decision selecting your character.

Diablo Immortal Classes: What is the best class for starters, solo players and PVP players?

First we will talk about what is the best class for solo players in Diablo Immortal, then proceed with the best class for team players and we will finish with the best class for PvP.

What is the best class for solo players in Diablo Immortal?


  • Necromancer

You want to play solo? You're a beginner who doesn't know which class to pick? Necromancer is the obvious choice.

"Command Skeletons" allows you to summon 2 friendly looking skeletons to give you a helping hand in battle. They don't deal a lot of damage to the enemies. But they are excellent at drawing enemy attention when you fall back to take a second to use your other abilities.With skill upgrades you can summon more skeletons and other helping hands such as Skeleton Mages and Golems.

You can stun your enemies, damage incoming mobs with "Bone Spikes" and turn enemy dead bodies into an attack force towards the ones unlucky enought to be alive with "Corpse Lance". With these combinations you can sit back and watch your enemies crumble before your eyes.

  • Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter is another appealing choice for adventurers. You want to drop the enemies in your way before they reach you? Then Demon Hunter is the one to pick.

The classic "Multishot" ability is at your disposal from the start. As you play through the game you can get your hands on the "Sentry" ability that will summon auto firing turrets to help with crowd control as you focus on the big ones.

If you are one who enjoys seeing big damage numbers your class is definitely the Demon Hunter.

  • Barbarian

If you want to be in the center of the action rather than dealing with the enemies from afar, the Barbarian is the best solo class for you in Diablo Immortal.

The iconic "Windmill" skill allows you to deal great damage while every third primary attack restores some health. When you add some crowd control skills to this, enemies are the ones who should be worried facing you.

Only upsetting thing with Barbarian on solo that you will have to give up on some very useful party buffs. If you have any intention of playing with a party, these unexplored skills can offer you a new taste later on in the game.

What are the best classes for team players in Diablo Immortal?

  • Crusader

Does the Crusader has the highest damage output in the melee classes? The answer is no. Then what makes the Crusader probably the best team member of Diablo Immortal?

Imagine you can jump on a horse, stun your enemies and increase your team's speed. While all of them sound really nice, what makes the Crusader a cruical part of the party is their amazing buff skills that comes in higher levels.

While "Holy Banner" ability grants a huge damage boost to your party, level 50 ability "Conjuration of Light" makes your whole party ignore damage for a few seconds.

  • Barbarian

We mentioned the solo benefits of the Barbarian before. But saying the class is only useful to themselves would be an understatement. The abilites "Sprint" and "Demoralize" can grant really useful boosts to your party.

Barbarian can draw attention to themselves in the heat of the battle so that the other members such as Wizard and Demon Hunter can continue dealing huge amounts of damage without worrying about their health.

  • Wizard

Wizard class has a very useful and powerful skillset. But they have to be careful as they can have problems if they find themselves in the center of the battle. But if they have a team member or two to draw the attention away from them, they can show how they can rain down pain on enemies.

What is the best class for PVP in Diablo Immortal?

  • Monk

Monk class can pull out devastating skill combinations if you can time your strikes right in PvP and finish the rivals before they realize what happened.

  • Crusader

Decent damage, good survivability, and invulnerability. Doesn't this sound like powerful enemy to face against in PvP?

  • Barbarian

We can hear you say, here too? When you have a powerful skillset that are suitable for different settings, we say "Why not?".


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