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Yesterday, developer CD Projekt announced the delay of Cyberpunk 2077. The game was set to release in April but got delayed until September 2020. While this delay provides developers with more time to work on the game, it does not resolve all the issues. CD Projekt admitted that developers will crunch to get the game ready to release on time.

The developer and publisher of the game held an emergency press conference to discuss the delay. At the conference, it was asked if the developers will need to crunch to get the game ready on time. Joint-CEO of the CD Projekt replied, "To some degree, yes – to be honest. We try to limit crunch as much as possible, but it is the final stage. We try to be reasonable in this regard, but yes. Unfortunately."

What does this mean to Cyberpunk 2077?

CD Projekt's admission is important at this stage since they are openly discussing the issue. The studio is trying hard to tackle the issue, while we do not know the extent of it. Crunch is a video game industry term, which refers to developers working overtime for unreasonably long hours until game releases. This is done to make sure the game in question, Cyberpunk 2077, is complete and good to go.

The delay of the game is certainly a disappointment for gamers, but on the other hand, it provides developers with valuable time. CD Projekt previously promised to be more humane in the development process, but we will see how this issue will end up.

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