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Since the beginning, Xur has been a cherished and honorable part of the Destiny 2 community. Even while power-creep has entirely overshadowed his significance, we should keep in mind that we haven't always had access to exotics.

Exotics were absurdly difficult to find in Destiny 1's early days. So much so that 99% of players were able to purchase specific exotics because Xur sold them.

Today's world is very different, but Xur doesn't change. Every weekend, he still travels the sol system and sells three pieces of exotic armor and an exotic weapon.

Do you know where Xur is? Don’t. This weekend, I'll show you where he is and what he has for sale. I'll give you a brief description of each weapon so you can choose whether or not you want to use it.

Destiny 2 Xur Location

Destiny 2 Where is Xur - Nessus.
Screenshot via Bungie

This week, Xur is interred in the Watcher's Grave on Nessus. On top of the enormous tree that faces you as soon as you spawn in, he is located nearby, just to the north of the spawn location. You ought to be aware of Xur's appearance locations on Nessus by this point because he has been spawning in the same locations for a number of years.

In terms of the legendary side of things, what he's offering this week isn't really noteworthy. The only item in that section worth purchasing is a good sidearm that he is selling.

If you want to purchase the Illicit Invader and Pathfinder armor sets for your Transmog, he also sells them.

Destiny 2 – What is Xur Selling?

Two-Tailed Fox

Where is Xur? Two-Tailed Fox
Screenshot via Bungie

A fun exotic rocket launcher called the Two-Tailed Fox simultaneously launches a Solar and a Void rocket. When compared to META heavy weapon options like the Stormchaser or Taipan, it won't be used as frequently in some activities like solo Legendary Lost Sectors. But as always, if you don't already have this weapon, go ahead and buy it.

Shards of Galanor

Destiny 2 Shards of Galanor
Screenshot via Bungie

Okay with this Shards of Galanor roll. At least it surges where you need it to because it has a base of 63 and 21 Resilience. The Exotic is extremely effective in terms of actual performance. The current best Exotic choice for Solar Hunters is Shards of Galanor. I included it in my infinite-Radiant Hunter Solar 3.0 build since it makes Blade Barrage one of the finest supers in the game for AD-clear and extended DPS.

Once more, if you don't already own any of these exotics, you should buy them. Shards of Galanor in particular, as it's likely the most META item of gear that Xur is offering this week.

Hollowfire Heart

Where is Xur? Hollowfire Heart
Screenshot via Bungie

Although I adore Hollowfire Heart, the end-game stuff isn't all that wonderful. It is less than ideal that this one's base 65 stat total is uniformly distributed with no spikes. The Exotic just improves the ability cool down of your Solar Titan. This simply isn't very good in comparison to something like Loreley or any of the Titan Melee Exotics. Purchase this for your collection, or don't.

Transversive Steps

Destiny 2 Transversive Steps.
Screenshot via Bungie

It's strange to play Transversive Steps. It's a Warlock Exotic, which is unusual enough on its own. It makes you sprint faster. Beyond that, though, it briefly sprints while reloading your equipped weapon. Stats-wise, this set of Transversive Steps has 59 total, which sucks, but it does have a big spike of 26 Recovery – it’s just a shame that it’s all about Resilience now.

Transversive Steps has occasionally been used in the late game for specific DPS strategies. It's a specialty exotic, for sure, but one you should keep in your wallet just in case.

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