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If you are wondering where is the Wayfinders Compass and what it does, you've come to the right place. Season of the Lost was a memorable season in the Destiny 2 saga. With the delay of the Witch Queen, Beyond Light era's final season Season of the Lost lasted for about 6 long months unexpectedly. We might've complain a bit because of the delay but we would be lying if we can't admit that the delay served us by letting us upgrade the Wayfinder Compass.

How do I find the Wayfinders Compass?

Get ready for an extremely complex explanation. Just kidding. All you have to do to find the Wayfinders Compass is to log in and complete the opening mission. At the end of the mission you will be able to find the artifact in the Awoken wing on board the H.E.L.M. Experienced Destiny players know that each season comes with a unique artifact.

What does the Wayfinders Compass do?

The artifact is no different than the other artifacts of the previous seasons. It allows you to install mods that give you unique advantages such as increased weapon speed, reloading times and enhanced magazine sizes. Also using the Compass you can get quests from the Awoken Wing of the H.E.L.M. There is a small difference between this season and the previous ones. In this season you don't have to worry about charging the Wayfinders Compass and the artifact is not shown on the quest screen. It is accessible in your character screen and H.E.L.M. station.

Destiny 2 where is the Wayfinders Compass and what does it do

Wayfinder's Compass Calibration: What to do?

Rather than using in game currencies, Wayfinders Compass Calibration can be upgraded finishing Seasonal Challanges in H.E.L.M. station . Keep in mind that not all challenges can be used to upgrade the Compass so look for a small compass icon and "Wayfinders Compass Calibration Level" under the rewards section of the challenge. Upgrades to the Wayfinders Compass will help you complete quests in game.

Another use of the Wayfinders Compass will be available as you progress in the game. After reaching certain points in the game you will be able to unlock both power bonuses and artifact mods. The main thing you need have to do this is XP. So just keep on grinding.

Wayfinder's Compass: What to Unlock?

The more we grind and unlock more power, new abilities are there for us to take. We gathered a list of useful abilities to unlock for each tree for you. If you want to unlock most of these Compass upgrades, you will have to complete some seasonal challenges and reach the 8 reputation.

Barrier Breach Tree

  • Astral Harvester: This gives a boost to Parralax Trajectory. Which means that you will never run short on seasonal currency.
  • Opportune Arms: This ability guarantees that for every Champion enemy you slay, you get a Heavy brick.
  • Phrase Breach: With this ability, after you breach a barrier you turn invisible for a while. When you're surrounded with enemies, this will give you a little time to compose yourself and get ready for action.
  • Enhanced Breach: This ability grants you extra barrier breach and increase your invisibility time to let you collect all the hidden rewards.
  • Astral Efficiency: The cost might look a bit high, that's true. But if you want to grind levels continuously, this ability lowers the cost of repeatable Compass bounties.

True Sight Tree

  • Sight Beyond Sight: This ability grants a boost to the True Sight duration.
  • Unveiled Eyes: Players know that discovering Ascendant Anchors is a key part of the seasonal progress. With this, True Sight ability lets you discover Anchors that are nearby.
  • Ascendant Sight: With this upgrade you can find more Ascendant Anchors to open new possibilities of progression.
  • Frequency Echoes: As soon as this upgrade is available, we recommend you take it. This upgrade let's you find even more secrets and hidden sides of the Shattered Realms.
  • Vision of Splendor: Increase your Parallax Trajectory gains with this upgrade.
  • Parallax Focusing: This upgrade let's you gain additional Parallax Trajectory when you pick up Ascendant Anchors. It's not a crucial upgrade so you can save this one for later.

Sadly, the artifact was removed from the game with the introduction of The Witch Queen of the new Season of the Risen. As we mentioned before, each season comes with a unique artifact of it's own.

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