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These two Doom of Chelchis god rolls from Destiny 2 are really good. This is one of the many brand-new, elite weapons King's Fall brought to Destiny 2. Even though Doom of Chelchis is unquestionably a weapon that excels in PvE rather than PvP, these god rolls show just how well it can perform in both situations.

Zaouli's Bane would still be my primary priority to create, but Doom of Chelchis would be a close second. You could disagree, but if these two god rolls are any indication, that would be completely OK.

Destiny 2 Doom of Chelchis God Rolls

Doom of Chelchis PvE God Roll

Destiny 2 Doom of Chelchis god roll - PvE.
Screenshot via D2Gunsmith
  • Arrowhead Break
  • Tactical Mag
  • Explosive Payload
  • Dragonfly

A Doom of Chelchis god roll can be made up of a few unique perk combinations that are both extremely potent and intriguing. But I've decided to go with Dragonfly and Explosive Payload.

I recognize what you're thinking—the that's Firefly/Dragonfly combination. Even though that roll can be appealing, it's not that great. What benefit does having both bonuses have outside novelty value if they both serve the same purpose? There is no use, and explosive payload is superior in any case.

But first, let's quickly go over the barrel and ammo benefits. Naturally, I'm choosing Arrowhead Break as I always do on rolls where range isn't crucial. The absolute greatest barrel overall is Arrowhead. It is a straightforward improvement to handling and recoil direction, both of which have a significant impact on how a weapon feels and performs. A separate barrel is necessary if I'm assembling a hand cannon or shotgun, for example. But there's no better choice for a scout.

On Doom of Chelchis god rolls, Accurized Rounds is by far the most common column two perk, however I don't believe you need it with Explosive Payload. Range, and hence the need for Accurized Rounds, becomes unnecessary with explosive. Instead, I'm using Tactical Mag because of its faster and more stable reloads, although you could theoretically use any loadout here.

Let's now discuss the explosive payload. One of the nicest bonuses in the entire game is this one. While it works particularly well with hand cannons, it has also long been a go-to bonus for scout rifles. It effectively increases the range of your weapon, provides it a good damage boost, and enables splash damage.

A Doom of Chelchis god roll could certainly use Firefly, Vorpal, and Adaptive Munitions, among other fantastic benefits. In fact, considering that Season 18 has Anti-Barrier Scout, running an Adaptive Munitions/Dragonfly roll would be worthwhile. Explosive Payload is necessary to future-proof this weapon, though, as it offers a greater overall benefit.

Column four of Doom of Chelchis is somewhat less congested than column three, but it still offers fantastic options like Frenzy, One For All (which pairs well with Explosive Payload), and my preferred perk, Dragonfly.

Dragonfly's precision kills lead foes to erupt. This is always an S-tier PvE perk since these explosions frequently deal enough damage to eliminate an entire wave of ADs if they spawn together. Due to the fact that the effects don't overlap, it also works well with explosive payload.

Don't be scared to try different god rolls for the Doom of Chelchis; there are lots to choose from. There is no limit to the possibilities of this weapon.

Doom of Chelchis PvP God Roll

Destiny 2 Doom of Chelchis god roll PvP.
Screenshot via D2Gunsmith
  • Arrowhead Break
  • Tactical Mag
  • Explosive Payload
  • Focused Fury

I pondered over this PvP god roll in Doom of Chelchis. In all honesty, there is a case to be made for sticking with the Explosive Payload/Dragonfly combination, but I chose to alter something just for the purpose of changing anything. You are free to do as you choose with my advice.

It is obvious that Doom of Chelchis was created to excel in PvE rather than PvP. However, the weapon may perform at a high level in both situations. I've decided to keep both Arrowhead Break and Tactical Mag off my PvE god roll in light of this.

Regardless of the activity you're running, both of these benefits are simply the finest in their class. However, you may swap out Tactical Mag for a reduced magazine count to work in conjunction with Focused Fury. There is no need to replace them after that, unlike with explosive payload in PvP.

I believe there are many excellent alternatives to Explosive Payload in PvE if you want to run something different. However, I believe it to be by far the strongest column three perk in PvP. I wouldn't replace it with anything because the perk's increased damage, range, and flinch are frequently what make the difference in gunfights.

Due to its limited range and activation cost, Dragonfly isn't the best PvP perk, so I choose to swap it out between rolls. Instead, I go for Focused Fury, which isn't a perk I usually include into, well, anything.

With it, we can increase our damage by 20% for 11 seconds if we precisely hit 50% of our magazine. If you don't Call of Duty reload after every kill, that is actually quite a doable effort with a scout rifle in PvP.

Focused Fury should be active a surprisingly high percentage of the time. If not, feel free to swap it out for something that better fits your playing style.

Doom of Chelchis is undoubtedly a PvE main, but you should still test it out in the Crucible if you haven't already.

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