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Describe one Xbox game pass feature you never expected to see. exclusive PlayStation content, yes? However, this is no longer the case as Death Stranding, a PlayStation exclusive, will be available through the Xbox Game Pass.

Kojima Productions created Death Stranding, which debuted in 2019 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Early this year, the game received an official PC port with a listing on Steam and Epic Games. The game is officially coming to Game Pass just a few months after the PC port, and we also have an announcement trailer.

The events of Death Stranding take place after a cataclysmic occurrence in the United States, which causes horrific creatures known as BTs to roam the Earth. The players take control of Sam Porter Bridges (Norman Reedus), a messenger tasked with transporting supplies to far-flung colonies and bringing them together via a wireless communications network.

In general, reviews for the game are excellent, with the majority of them on Steam being extremely favorable. We follow Sam Bridge's heartbreaking journey with excellent voice acting, amazing visuals, and terrific music. In the statement published in the Xbox News  they also revealed "Windows 10/11 PC gamers can expect such features as ultrawide mode, photo mode, high frame rate, and cross-over content from some very well-known franchises".

Such titles never truly crossed our minds as potential releases for the Xbox and PC game pass. However, this is all a dream come true for players on the PC and Xbox. The price of Death Stranding is US$38.99 on Steam. When you think about the cost of the game pass with $14.99, this looks like an even better deal. After the Death Stranding Xbox Game Pass announcement, we started wondering what other titles we might see in the future.

Death Stranding Xbox Game Pass: When we will get it?

Players will have access to Death Stranding on Xbox Game Pass on 23rd of August 2022 and start their journey in Hideo Kojima's latest game.

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