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So, CDPR announces five Witcher games and hints at multiplayer action. During its most recent strategy update, CD Projekt Red disclosed intentions for five distinct projects centered on The Witcher series. This includes an entirely new trilogy of mainline games (beginning with The Witcher 4), a suspenseful offshoot to be made by a different team, and a game made by CDPR's The Molasses Flood studio that will have both single-player and multiplayer components and target a "broader audience."

The news that there will be five games in The Witcher universe in the future, in addition to officially announcing a Cyberpunk 2077 sequel and a brand-new IP that has not yet started proper production, is undoubtedly the highlight of the presentation.

Even if The Witcher 4's existence was already known, some fans of the franchise may be surprised to learn that it will launch a brand new trilogy, despite the fact that CDPR made a hint about it during a previous call with investors. The Witcher 5 and 6 (for lack of official names) will be "built on the [technical] foundation" of The Witcher 4, it was also revealed, and all three games will be released within a "six-year publishing window."

CDPR announces five Witcher games and multiplayer action

Then there is Project Sirius, a game being developed by The Molasses Flood. Although CDPR doesn't fully specify the genre, it does state that this game "targets a considerably broader audience" in comparison to other CD Projekt Red games. Both single-player and multiplayer modes will be available in Sirius.

In its strategy update, CDPR stated that one of its main goals is to "enrich" its single-player offers with multiplayer experiences. Although it doesn't specifically state which next CDPR games will receive this "enrichment," a tweet does state that "most" of them will include multiplayer components, and an image from The Witcher series is displayed next to it.

Finally, there is even more uncertainty around the upcoming fifth Witcher game. Despite being a "full-fledged release set in The Witcher universe," Project Canis Majoris will be created by an unidentified outside developer. The development team, according to CDPR, is made up of "skilled developers who have prior experience working on Witcher titles." Additionally, it will make use of the Unreal Engine 5 development tools used to create The Witcher 4.

Have you had your fill of Witcher now? Hopefully, yes (and so do CDPR, probably).

You can read CDPR's strategy document here or watch the entire strategy update above.

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