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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies features legendary weapons called Wonder Weapons, which are used to give players the upper hand in the fight for survival and provide an effective defense against hordes of zombies. This guide will provide detailed information about Call of Duty MW3 Zombies Wonder Weapon.

What are the Call of Duty MW3 Zombies Wonder Weapon options?

If you are going to start Zombies mode now, 3 Wonder Weapons are waiting for you. These appear under the names: Scorcher, Wunderwaffe DG-2, Ray Gun. Now, we will detail all these weapons one by one.

Scorcher - Flame Collector:

The Scorcher, the new Wonder Weapon in MW3 Zombies' Operation Deadbolt mode, is capable of destroying large hordes of zombies with a powerful blast. Although it takes time to charge, once fired it destroys everything in its path. There is an alternate fire mode and it launches you into the air. It's perfect for escaping difficult situations and navigating the map, not for destroying zombie hordes.

Wunderwaffe DG-2 - Element 115 Powered Electric Weapon:

The iconic Wunderwaffe DG-2 also returns in MW3 Zombies. Powered by Element 115, this Wonder Weapon carries an electrical charge of 20,000 amperes in a single lightning strike. Besides being perfect for taking out a single powerful enemy, lightning is also great for dealing with hordes as it can be chained between enemies.

Ray Gun - Classic and Reliable Laser Gun:

Perhaps the most iconic Call of Duty MW3 Zombies Wonder Weapon, the Ray Gun has finally returned in MW3 Zombies. The high damage fully automatic laser gun is a classic option. Although it is not flashy, it is extremely reliable and has high precision damage.

Cool Weapons and Survival Strategies

Call of Duty MW3 Zombies Wonder Weapon options offer players a variety of weapons. In this way, it helps them survive successfully against formidable armies. The devastating power of the Scorcher, the electrical impact of the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and the classic durability of the Ray Gun. CoD MW3 Zombies enriches the gaming experience and provides players with an effective defense. Choosing the right weapon and using it strategically will help a player armed with these legendary weapons cope with the zombie apocalypse.

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