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The last episode of Call of Duty MW3 brings the end of the game's story and surprises many players. There are many people who buy CoD mainly for its multiplayer mode. However, the Call of Duty MW3 ending takes you away from the multiplayer experience and into a gripping story. Now, we will discuss the story told in the last episode of CoD MW3 in detail.

What Does the End of Call of Duty MW3 Say?

  1. Makarov's Terrorist Attack: In the finale of Modern Warfare 3, Makarov attempts to stage a terrorist attack on the Eurotunnel. Task Force 141 arrives to stop him. While defusing the bombs, Makarov kills Soap and tries to kill Price. Until Ghost saves Price. Then, as Price, he follows Makarov and tries to kill him. However, the villain manages to avoid capture.
  2. Task Force 141 and Soap's Death: During the end of Call of Duty MW3, the remaining members of Task Force 141, Ghost, Price and Gaz, scatter Soap's ashes. Then, in the post-credits scene, Price kills Shepherd. Shepherd tried to protect himself by lying in court after trying to kill Task Force 141 in the previous game.
  3. Soap's Death: Soap's death leads to a sad conclusion for MW3's beloved character. However, this ending may seem appropriate for the first act. However, it is actually the end of the entire game. Soap's death is sudden and swift, and while it's in line with the idea that victims of war often suffer a quick, undramatic death, it doesn't line up with what we've seen in previous CoD stories.
  4. Makarov's Quick Move: For example, in 2011's original Modern Warfare 3, you believe Soap may still be alive after being shot, if you act quickly you drag him through the streets under fire, but despite your best efforts, his death is certain. In his bed, he reveals important information that reveals that Makarov knows one of the members of Task Force 141. It's an emotional and moving memory, giving you an adrenaline rush as you try to hunt down Soap in hopes of revenge. And in the original game, you get that revenge.
  5. Satisfaction of the End in 2023's MW3: Unfortunately, the ending of 2023 Call of Duty MW3 is not very satisfying. Makarov quickly kills Soap and leaves the stage. This makes one feel a bit anxious about the future of the sub-series. Will we see the long-awaited Modern Warfare 4 this time? It probably will. However, the ending of MW3 feels like an expansion of MW2's story. So, it's not exactly like a story experience.

What Happens in the Post-Endgame Scene?

The end of Call of Duty MW3 continues after the Credits scene we watched at the end of the game. The scene provides a great narrative for an absolutely amazing sequel. Price's assassination of a high-ranking General does not go without consequences and offers a parallel between him and Makarov. While it perhaps doesn't go as far into Makarov's evil actions as Price, it does show that the line between these characters isn't black and white. If Infinity Ward (or any Activision studio leading the next Modern Warfare game) can follow up with an interesting story, that line will become even more blurred between Price and Makarov.

MW4 Story: What Can We Expect?

That's all we have to say about the ending of Call of Duty MW3 for now. But, what can we expect for the MW4 story? Modern Warfare 4 MW3 We believe that it will take place in the present day, a few years after the events. Makarov remains mostly hidden while Task Force 141, busy with other missions, is awaited.

After completing several missions as members of Task Force 141, the team will reunite when Makarov returns to complete his plans. Throughout the story, Price will become more ruthless over time in his journey towards revenge, as other team members realize that Price has gone too far in his revenge. We believe Makarov will die in the next game and perhaps another Task Force 141 member will go with him. Of course, this is all speculation at this stage, and while Modern Warfare 4 hasn't been officially confirmed by Activision yet, it seems almost certain that we'll be getting another entry alongside the end of MW3, and its story will continue to focus on Task Force 141's fight against Makarov.

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