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In the past ten years, the majority of gamers have practically become accustomed to the phrase "souls-like." What began as a masochist's fantasy evolved into the most popular gaming category. Without Bloodborne, the masterpiece that made this genre famous in the first place, this genre would not be where it is today.With Bloodborne, Demon Souls' original concept was perfectly realized. All who have played it have praised it as a wonder, although that is a rather small group. Because it is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, the majority of gamers cannot enjoy the game's exceptional playability. Recent rumors have suggested that a Bloodborne PC port might be under development. If so, the result will be fantastic. not just for the sizable PC gaming community, but also for Sony's commercial advantage.

Sony has recently developed well-planned improvements aimed at the PC industry. It all started when Horizon Zero Dawn, a game that Guerrilla Studio had previously said wouldn't ever be released on PC, did. Later, successive "Only on PlayStation" games began making their way to Windows.

PC versions of God of War, Death Stranding, and Spiderman are already planned. There may also be an alleged Ghost of Tsushima port on the way. This raises the question, will Bloodborne suffer that end? That's what I'll let you in on, then.

Will There Be A Port?

A few years ago, this would have been considered an odd inquiry. Bloodborne, however, might soon be coming to the PC as well, given the recent increase in the porting of PlayStation-exclusive video games.

What, then, ignited the spark of optimism in the community in the first place? There are actually two causes. Both are revealed in the section following.

PS4 Games Were Spotted Coming To Computers

On Medium, a list of PlayStation exclusives that would support Nvidia on PC was leaked. At first, I treated this with a lot of casualness. The majority of the aforementioned games began receiving PC versions within a few months, which caused the Souls community to jump on the hype train.

It's odd that Bloodborne wasn't included in that list. The games on the list appeared to be from the PS4's second half of its lifecycle. This coincided with statements made earlier in 2021 by Sony officials.

Sony’s Statement On The Subject?

When questioned about potential Sony PC ports, Sony CEO Jim Ryan offered some intriguing commentary. He declared,

"Our studios developed some beautiful, great titles, especially during the latter portion of the PS4 era," the company said.

There is a chance to make those fantastic games [Exclusives] known to a larger PC audience.

This was back in 2021, and as you are aware, three exclusives have since been released on PC. two more are anticipated to arrive later this year. According to the aforementioned remarks, Sony is concentrating on PS4 titles published in the second half of the console's life. indicating that it would take longer if Bloodborne were to be ported to the PC.

Bloodborne PC Port coming soon?

In the Bloodborne community, the occasional emergence of a fresh rumor is regarded as tradition. Although there have been several recent rumors, Sony has not made any formal announcements on a PC port.

The Souls community has recently been depressed since it has been misled frequently. Even a lot of well-known leakers and journalists have completely lost their way when it comes to reporting on Bloodborne's release on PC. Just look down below.

Once more, no one who expresses support for a potential PC port ever says it's a done deal. So it's not admirable to criticize them. Other speculations claim that the PlayStation 5 would instead receive a Remaster. admired yet not necessary. Fans would much rather like a prequel or sequel.

In 2020, there was further circulating information about Bloodborne: The Hunter's Edition being created. It was anticipated that there would be a PS5 patch or PC port. Sadly, that was also disproved not long after.

It will have many new features

The PS4 version of the souls game runs beautifully. It will be fantastic to dive into a patch or remaster with the improved hardware of the PS5. However, there are an incalculable number of customization choices at your disposal on a PC.

Elden Ring is hyped, yes, but it wasn't where the real motivation for unending deaths came from. It was Bloodborne that ignited it.

You immediately find yourself in the Gothic and dilapidated Yharnam when you enter the game. The settings create a spooky atmosphere that most video games simply cannot capture. Then, as you engage in conflict, your body simultaneously pumps adrenaline while you are terrified.

The gameplay is fluid, the tone is menacing, and the setting fits Bloodborne perfectly in that regard. You lose your life constantly, but From carefully designs it such that it keeps you interested. This game would be excellent on a PC, especially at 60 frames per second.

Obtaining a PC version would demonstrate a lot of imagination. It's possible that there will be a ton of funny mods, like The Hunter having bubble guns or the foes being Shreks! If you have any wilder suggestions, please share them with us here.

About The Release Date

There hasn't been any official word from Sony on a Bloodborne PC port. However, you may anticipate a PC port to come shortly given how many PlayStation exclusives are being added to the Steam library.

At first, you might not have accepted this. But if you gave it any serious thought, the notion of exclusives no longer being exclusives would have emerged. Sony is aware of the enormous potential in the PC industry.

Paired With A PC Port

The upcoming title from From Software may be Bloodborne 2. Elden Ring DLC will most likely be the only thing made available. What comes next after that? You already know that they have completed three Dark Souls. Although Sekiro 2 is a possibility, the time is ideal for a continuation of the Yharnam universe.

The bloody experience has been available for more than 7 years, and the neighborhood is still thriving. PS5 sales would increase tenfold if a PC port was released along with a Bloodborne 2 exclusivity announcement. That would be a successful and disastrous tactic for Sony.

There is still some time before a sequel is released, taking From's schedule into consideration. Additionally, given the history of From Software, their upcoming game ought probably already be in pre-production.

For the PlayStation 4, they have produced four Triple-A titles. There aren't many other studios that can pull off the same trick. So, if at all, you can anticipate Bloodborne 2 in a few years. The PC port will probably arrive in your area in Q3 2022.

What’s the PSX Remake?

Did you wish to play Bloodborne on a PC? You certainly got it! Technically speaking, it's not what you had in mind. An independent, fan-made recreation of the PS1 game is available for the PC. It takes 6 hours to complete and features pixelated art in a dark tone to match the original.

It would be an understatement to say that From Software has a sizable audience. They established the Souls subgenre and helped mentor its cult fanbase. Because of this, a devoted fan recently dedicated her all to create a Bloodborne PSX demake. Lilith Walther

The game is available for download here for free.

Not only that. Even many Twitter accounts have been updating daily on a PC port for years.

They discuss all the news and updates related to a potential porting. If there are none to report, you can watch them tweet that yet another day without the Yharnam world on PC has passed.

Is Bloodborne Playable on PC Through the New PlayStation Plus?

Yes, you can use cloud streaming to play Bloodborne on a PC. But keep in mind that you'll require a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription, which costs $17.99 per month.

Sony recently changed the way its PlayStation subscription services looked. In essence, this was done to counter the competition threat provided by Xbox Game Pass, which is only getting stronger.

It was formerly accessible through PlayStation Now, which cost $9.99 per month. It included both Cloud Streaming and a distinctive selection of PS4 games that could be downloaded. Unfortunately, Sony increased that fee after the most recent tier system update.

A whopping $17.99/month will now be required of all those PC gamers who were previously paying $9.99/month. Oh no, you'd be better off investing in a PS5.

How Can I Play?

Here's how to stream the match on your computer:

  • Visit the official Sony Store to purchase a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription.
  • On your PC, download the PlayStation Plus app.
  • While using the app, sign in to your PlayStation account.
  • Connect your PS4 controller to your PC using Bluetooth or a USB cord.
  • Look up Bloodborne in the app store.
  • Once you press stream, you may begin.

Is The Title Going To Be On Steam?

Sony has already made significant strides toward growing its Steam library. If Bloodborne gets a PC port, you can be sure to find it on Steam. But that would be a different story if Epic Games were to negotiate an exclusivity agreement.

You probably won't anticipate it as an Epic Game Store exclusive. There isn't a single From Software title in the Epic Game Store's library. It would be absurd to think that a PC port would be available only for it.

Sony has had its sights on the PC industry for some time. The imagination has been sparked by seeing so many "Only on PlayStation" exclusives come to life on PC. God of War, Spiderman, and Horizon Zero Dawn are already available on Steam. Who is to say that Bloodborne won't be a part of them then?

Fans of Soul should always consider a successful PC port. Due to Spiderman's August 2022 release date, an official announcement might not be made until mid-2023.

I'm guessing that we'll go on to Ghost of Tsushima next. Therefore, the Bloodborne community will probably have to wait till next year and hope for the best. If there is an official announcement, I'll keep this post updated.

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