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Interested in raising your level and adding some smoking lineups? You've arrived at the proper location. Here are the best smoke spots for Dust 2.

The launch of Operation Riptide took place on September 21, 2021. This update added some incredible CS:GO skins as well as tweaks to weapons and Dust 2. An update to the well-liked Dust 2 map changed the early-game glimpses from mid. Some of the most significant smoke patches on the map were also altered as a result.

The new wall that obscures the CT's view from T spawn made the early smoke that was often tossed to mid doors less effective. This let users to conserve a smoke grenade or two for use in Dust 2's additional smoke places.

The best smoke spots for Dust 2 have been compiled for your convenience. You can use these smokes to navigate obstacles, reach your destination, and carry out various pushes. To practice your aim and get ready for battles after the smoke clears, make sure to employ the greatest aim trainers.

Best Spots – A Site

Best smoke spots for Dust 2's A site should come first. You can seize possession of site A with the aid of these smokes, driving your adversaries back. To ensure that your jump-throw smoke grenade lineups are precise 100% of the time, you need make a CS:GO jump bound. It is a necessary tool that any CS:GO gamer requires.

  • Long Corner Smoke
Best Dust 2 smoke spot for B Long push

Since many players play this corner aggressively and attempt to score a free kill, the extended corner smoke is crucial. It's not difficult to smoke in long corner, and there are a ton of lineups you can toss from secure locations.

  • Long Cross Smoke

Long Cross Smoke

You can arrive at the place fairly fast by smoking the cross there. Although it takes two smokes to completely cover the cross, it is absolutely worth it because it prevents both CT spawn and catwalk. This smoke obviously benefits from teamwork, and it works best when communications are good. Be sure to join a Discord server, put on a good headset, and test it out with your buddies before continuing.

  • CT Smoke
CT Smoke

The CT smoke is quite useful if you wish to remove the CTs from a bigger region. In addition to allowing you to comfortably push a little bit into CT spawn, this crossing from A Long to A Site still requires you to watch your close left. In general, most players just choose smoking cross over CT. To be sure that no one is around and that no one pushes out of your smoke, smoke CT spawn rather than crossing.

  • A Plant Site Smoke
A Site Smoke

Your team can use this smoke as some cover while attempting to detonate the bomb. If you don't have anybody guarding flank or staying back at A Long Doors, the CTs will typically wrap around. If your planter is outside of shelter, A Long may quickly kill you as a result. There is much-needed protection provided by the smoke from A Plant Site, and nobody can see the planter from A Long.

  • Car Smoke
Car Smoke

To get rid of any potential opponents, it is usually preferable to throw a Molotov grenade at the car. Many players enjoy playing at this cheeky angle, especially during save rounds. There are occasions when you either don't have a Molotov cocktail on hand or don't want to use it quite yet. You can create a safe route to the location by swiftly tossing a smoke across to Car and pairing it with another smoke to Cross or CT.

  • Long Doors Smoke
Best Dust 2 smoke spot for aggressive CTs

You could smoke long doors for a teammate on A site if your team wants to play aggressively. They have an advantage over your enemies because to the cover. It avoids rushes through long doorways and may enable your buddy to get into a more advantageous position.

  • Catwalk Smoke
A defensive Catwalk Smoke

If you are playing on A site, catwalk smoke is an excellent defensive smoke. Unless the enemy forces go further into the area, it totally closes off the catwalk. Utilizing this smoke on catwalk and concentrating on long is a great strategy to make the most of it because opponents won't likely try to push through it.

B Site

Best smoke spots for Dust 2's B site are the following ones. These are some of the greatest smokes available and a fantastic way to utilize your utility.

  • B Window Smoke
B Window Smoke

A common preferred spot for AWP-ers is the B window. AWP-ers can safely peep from there and quickly reposition themselves if necessary. When paired with a B door, smoking a B window eliminates a potential AWP angle and gives your team plenty of time to establish a B site.

  • B Doors Smoke
B Doors Smoke in CS:GO

When attempting to take over the B site, the smoke from the B Doors is a fantastic smoke to use. Quick CT pushes from spawn are discouraged, and you can set up for post-plant plays. It gives you a little bit of more time and, when combined with the aforementioned B Window smoke, is really powerful.

  • B Platform Smoke

Best Dust 2 smoke spot to block AWP-ers at B site

A common AWP angle is back plat. It gives CTs a clear line of sight to B tunnels and enables them to take one or two rapid picks. If B platform is smoking, the player on back plat is effectively rendered useless until they change positions or spam.

  • B Car Smoke
B Car Smoke

Retakes benefit from the B Car smoke. During post-plant, several players choose to play from the B Car or B Tunnels. This temporarily removes an additional angle, giving you some extra time to inspect the other corners. Use this in conjunction with a B Tunnels smoke to substantially reduce visibility from the left side of the B site ( from CT spawn).

When attacking, you can also employ a B Car smoke, but it's more difficult to toss from the T side. Instead of smoking it out, we advise you simply pop flash out of tunnels and perform a short inspection of B Car.

  • Tunnel Smoke
Best Dust 2 smoke spot to delay pushes from B main

We are now left with the tunnel smoke. A crucial smoke, it can hold rushes and buy you some time as your team rotates from the other site. Since your adversaries are unaware of your location, you will be at a significant advantage if they choose to push through the smoke.

 Middle Area

It's time to disclose the central region's best smoke spots for Dust 2. Angles that will allow you to access a catwalk, pass through double doors, or enter tunnels are blocked off. Some are also effective while pushing mid as CTs aggressively.

  • Xbox Smoke
Best Dust 2 smoke spot to push from mid

Since it prevents AWPs from seeing you from double doors and enables you to travel to a catwalk or a tunnel without being seen, Xbox is a rather popular place to smoke. But watch out for pushes on the catwalk that are forceful.

  • Left Side Smoke Mid
Left Side Smoke Mid

You can rotate from mid to A through the CT spawn by smoking off the left side of mid. It blocks a sizable region, making it harder for adversaries on the B site to see your rotation. If you want to push CT Spawn as hard as possible, use this smoke.

  • Right Side Smoke Mid (CT Smoke)

Best Dust 2 smoke spot from mid to B push

When attempting to push from Mid Doors to B Site, this smoke is ideal. Any CTs from A site or from spawn would not be able to see you unless they push out of the smoke because it bars the view from CT spawn. It adds value to your arsenal because it's an easy and quick smoke to throw.

  • Mid Cross Smoke
Cross Smoke

The adjustments made to Dust 2 during the Operation Riptide update are the main reason why this smoke isn't as well-liked as it once was. In order to safely traverse from CT spawn to B Site, it used to be one of the first smokes you'd throw as a CT. Nowadays, it generally only serves as a useful indicator if you believe the Ts have pushed up mid or catwalk. You can safely cross through the smoke without being seen by attackers on the mid or catwalk.

  • Bottom Mid Smoke
CT to Tunnels Smoke

We have a Bottom Mid smoke at last. You can securely traverse from Mid Doors into B Tunnels thanks to this aggressive CT smoke. By pushing through tunnels as a CT, you can quickly catch opponents off guard. This may enable you to get a few quick frags before returning to aid your team. Additionally, it's a fantastic strategy to swiftly flank and wrap around adversaries attempting to enter the B site.

Practice These Locations

In a practice server, you should often practice smoking off these spots. Being patient and using a Discord music bot to pass the time will help you pass the time since it takes some time to master these smokes.

Make sure to memorize at least one smoke lineup for each location on this list because there are a ton of different smoke lineups for Dust 2. This enables you to get cigarettes in various locations and could even help your team through challenging circumstances. Practice some grenade lineups for Dust 2 while you're at it as well. These are our recommendations for best smoke spots for Dust 2. If you think we missed a nice smoke spot, please remark.


This finishes our list of the top smoke places and perspectives for CS:GO that you should be aware of. Please let us know how these locations turned out for you and whether they persuaded you to carry an extra smoke grenade at all times. Check out recommended CS:GO Settings For Maximum Performance and How To Get Better at the Game if you like the game.

FAQs About Smoke Spots Dust 2

  • What are the best smoke spots that I should know on the new Dust 2?

Some essential smoke spots that you need to know of include the xBox, A Short, CT Spawn, A Long Corner, A Long Doors, A CT Cross, Mid Doors, CT Mid, B Doors, B Window and B Tunnels.

  • How can I jump throw a smoke grenade in CS:GO?

To perform this, simply stand in place and hold down the left mouse button so that the grenade is prepped. Now jump, and let go of the left mouse button at the top of your jump.

  • How can I perform a running throw for smoke grenades in CS:GO?

Stand in position, and hold down the left mouse button so that the grenade is prepped. Now start moving forward and release the left mouse button as soon as the player has reached full speed (roughly 2-3 steps).

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