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Undoubtedly, the PS5 is a ground-breaking piece of technology. It is also Sony's flagship item, proudly flying the flag for the company's branch of technological advancements that is constantly expanding. Of course, the fact that it has sold well over 20 million units in just two years speaks volumes about how popular it is and how one device can completely alter the game industry.

In any case, the amount of launch games it came with and the incredibly generous PS Plus Essentials library, which initially came free with the purchase of every console, are two factors in its astronomical popularity. But which games were the finest, and which ones continue to rank as the best-selling launch titles on the PlayStation 5 today? Here's how we see it, though.

5. Astro’s Playroom

A 3D platformer called Astro's Playroom argues that it should be the PS5's first game. Its function is to lead players through a succession of levels, each with a distinct PlayStation theme and showcasing the console's capabilities and features. This makes it virtually a given that new console users will jump right in without first exploring other worlds. They'd be justified in doing so because the cutesy platformer offers more than the majority of other games in its category.

You can practice your newly acquired abilities as well as store and find a vast array of trinkets and artifacts at Astro's Playroom. You will have the ability to assemble a cabinet full of historical artifacts and undiscovered tales from the early PlayStation years by successfully completing various tasks and levels. In essence, it serves as a central gathering place for devoted brand supporters. And, let's face it, it is everything anyone could ask for and more, especially when it comes to building anticipation for quests that take them outside the hub.

4. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty has produced some of the largest and most ambitious first-person shooters ever, and we can be sure that everyone who has ever touched a controller has played at least one of them. It seemed only logical that the PS5 would be there on launch day given its stellar reputation as one of the genre's torchbearers. That's exactly what happened, with Black Ops Cold War paving the way for a new wave of war-themed stories.

With the help of the PS5's incredible performance, Black Ops Cold War breathes new life into a dying genre by showcasing the spoils of war in their most unadulterated state. The game excels as the next first-person shooter masterpiece in motion, supporting its renowned multiplayer front with a brief but fascinating narrative. It's flawlessly effortless, and the PS5 makes the most of it due to Sony's exquisite design and attention to detail.

3. Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs, a hackable universe from Ubisoft, made a seamless transition to the new generation thanks to a significant graphics update and a number of technical improvements. Taking use of the series' acclaimed structure, Legion, the third installment in the timeline, transformed all of London into an open-world jungle where millions of residents could be recruited and played as.

Over the years, Watch Dogs has undergone a variety of changes, many of which have contributed to the growth of the niche it so desperately seeks to hone. With the most recent edition, everything finally came together, and The Big Smoke of the UK encompassed all of the best traits in a single, all-encompassing package. Of course, the PS5 was only a vehicle for such excellence.

2. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

Without a doubt, Sony's most sought-after exclusive to date is Marvel's Spider-Man. It's also the reason that a large number of Xbox users have abandoned their primary consoles in favor of the PS4, and finally the PS5. Although it's obvious why, given that the open world action-adventure game has some of the best graphics and combat systems in contemporary gaming. And to put it mildly, that is.

Marvel's Spider-Man offered a plethora of jaw-droppingly exciting features, from the slinkiness of the web-slinging moves to the treasure trove of action-packed activities, all of which helped to reinforce the PlayStation 5's newfound reputation. Four years after its release, the game still performs amazingly well on entry-level platforms. As if we were in any question at all.

1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Every pre-release has a poster kid, who frequently influences the decision by highlighting the hardware's technical features and its recently introduced features. Many people agree that Assassin's Creed Valhalla best showcased everything the PS5 had to offer. To be honest, they would be justified in thinking such because, at least at the time, it was the game with the most visual appeal.

Naturally, Ubisoft is all too aware of the ingredients required to make a broth worthy of awards, and based on that, Valhalla is created by what can only be referred to as culinary giants. It is without a doubt one of the PS5's most spectacular open world games, made all the more impressive by the series' renowned near-perfect combat, compelling story, and historical accuracy.

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