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The Modern Warfare 2 beta has arrived, and just a few days, some weapons have already begun to stand out as some of the greatest in the game. Therefore, if you want to rule, check out our list of best weapons and guns in Modern Warfare 2.

The finest weapons and weaponry in Modern Warfare 2 up until this point, from assault rifles to quick-firing SMGs, are consistent and reliable, and the meta has already begun to take shape. Some of those weapons must be unlocked via the Gunsmith's Receiver feature or a workaround in the menu, but it's well worth the effort to get them.

Continue reading to learn about some of the top weapons available in Modern Warfare 2's beta.

Modern Warfare 2 best guns and weapons

Here are our top five picks for Modern Warfare 2's best weapons:

Modern Warfare 2 Best Weapons: The M4 can be seen

M4 – best assault rifle

Based on what we can currently utilize, the M4 is our choice for Modern Warfare 2's greatest assault weapon. The M4 is about as dependable a weapon as you can find in any Call of Duty game. It is simple to use, trustworthy, and accurate with a few attachments.

You may enhance the recoil, gun kick, and accuracy of the AR by using the optimum M4 loadout. All of this ought to make it much easier for you to go on killing binges and streaks.

Modern Warfare 2 Best Weapons: The Lachmann-556 can be seen

Lachmann-556 – best assault rifle

Modern Warfare 2's Lachmann-556 is a reliable backup AR. The Lachmann-556 packs a decent chunk of power and can definitely hold its own in a duel, while not being quite as dependable as the M4.

You may need a variety of attachments to strengthen some of this weapon's limitations, particularly accuracy, but you should be able to dominate the leaderboard with the help of the Fast Hands perks as well. The Lachmann-556 is currently unavailable for normal use, however you may read our tutorial to find out how to unlock it in the Modern Warfare 2 beta. You should be able to use it to your advantage with the help of our top Lachmann-556 loadout guide.

Modern Warfare 2 Best Weapons: The Lachmann Sub can be seen

Lachmann Sub – best SMG

The big brother of the Lachmann-556, the Lachmann Sub, has firmly established itself as the game's top weapon at the moment. If you properly construct your Lachmann Sub optimal loadout, the weapon—which is essentially an MP5—can carry you on lengthy kill streaks.

In order to really unlock this weapon, you currently need to use a couple workarounds. Check out our article to learn how to unlock the MP5 in the Modern Warfare 2 beta. But with our top Lachman Sub (MP5) loadout, you should be able to dominate.

Modern Warfare 2 best guns: The FSS Hurricane can be seen

FSS Hurricane – best SMG

Next greatest SMG goes to the FSS Hurricane, and the best FSS Hurricane loadout for Modern Warfare 2 focuses on turning the weapon into a laser beam.

A mesh of little recoil, high damage, 50 bullets in the magazine, and immense accuracy, make it a formidable gun in anyone’s hands.

The FTAC recon

FTAC recon – best battle rifle

In Modern Warfare 2, the Battle Rifle class of weaponry is surprisingly potent. And the FTAC Recon is now the top product in its category. The gun is a particularly potent, long-range weapon, capable of double tapping your adversaries and killing them with one headshot if they are at medium health.

Although you can't run and gun with this weapon, there isn't much better in the game right now if you choose a slower playstyle.

The Kastov-74u comes in second place here. It doesn't quite equal the power and ease of use that these three guns already offer, though, as you can't connect attachments to it unless you're in a match. But if you really want to try it out, the beta version is also very potent.

This concludes our list of best weapons and guns in Modern Warfare 2.

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