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Lineups are necessary for Dust 2, the most popular CS:GO map. Due to this, we compiled a list of the best grenade spots for Dust 2.

The Dust 2 level for Counter-Strike has been around for just over 20 years. It was first made available for Counter-Strike 1.1 in March 2001. Later, during the respective eras of CS: Source and CS:GO, the map was introduced to both games.

Even though it's an old map, Dust 2 remains a classic in Counter-Strike and one of the most popular in CS:GO. Out of all Matchmaking games played between September 2021 and March 2022, Dust 2 has a play rate of 19.8% as of March 2022. The two most popular CS:GO maps are Mirage and Inferno, and this one comes in third. Due to its popularity, certain CS:GO 1v1 maps have been created using Dust 2 as inspiration.

If you wanna combine this knowledge with the best smoke spots, here is our ranking of Dust 2's top smoke locations for you.

Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 – A Site

Let's start by examining Dust 2's A Site's top grenade locations. This contains several incendiary/molotov, HE, and pop flash grenades that are helpful to both terrorists and counter-terrorists. To maintain consistency in your lineups, remember to construct your own CS:GO jump throw bound.

Best Flash Spots

A Long Doors Pop Flash

A pop flash grenade, the first on this list, is excellent for passing through A long doors. Typically, CTs are able to push up A long and maintain a hostile angle. You may enter the building securely and even score a few kills by using this pop flash.

A Site Entry Flash from Short

For the T-side gamers, this is yet another fantastic entry flash. The majority of adversaries concealed within the default plant location should be blinded by it if you throw it from a short/catwalk side. Simply keep an eye out for players hiding in a car or a long.

Long Doors Aggressive Pop Flash with Teammate

Next, we have a flash for CTs that want to approach large doors with more aggression. Any terrorists moving through or exiting large doors should be rendered blind by this. Unfortunately, you need someone else to throw the flash for you because you can't do it alone.

A Short Stairs Pop Flash

The next flash is ideal for attacks and retakes. Anyone around is become blind when it is hurled from a catwalk or set of stairs. If you believe that individuals are holding an angle anywhere in short, this is a terrific flash to use. Additionally, because to its elevated vantage point, it is quite difficult to avoid.

A Site Catwalk Flash

This flash can be thrown from an A ramp and is a fantastic CT flash. Because foes can hardly see it coming, it is relatively simple and safe to throw, and it is also quite difficult to evade. Everyone who approaches the place from A short should become blinded. As a result, you can obtain one or two free kills before running back to safety.

A Long Doors from Pit

To surprise your opponents, you sometimes need to play something unusual. Playing inside a pit is a common move in these circumstances. This drama, however, is typically one-and-done. Pop flash out of the pit is one technique you can try to gain some additional kills. Anyone approaching from the A-long doors should be rendered blind, allowing you to pop their heads.

Best Molly/HE Spots

A Site Default Molly

We're now talking about Molly grenades. When they burst, molotov cocktails and incendiary grenades burn and spread. It's a terrific technique to clean up spaces and nooks without having to inspect each one individually.

This molly, which is for A site default, can help clear the area quickly, allowing your team to plant the device in a secure location.

A Site Goose Molly

Goose is situated at the upper-right corner of site A. It's an excellent area to conceal yourself while maintaining unhindered view over a long distance. AWPers typically play goose and duck into a corner to conceal themselves. When approaching from an A short, it is a good idea to throw a Molotov at this location to quickly clear it.

Car Molly

Our last item is the car molly for site A. This is the last position on the list for an A site grenade. Since you may see terrorists crossing from either a long or a short, the car is a typical cheeky viewpoint to use. Using a Molotov to search the car to make sure nobody is hiding in that pocket is probably worthwhile.

For added safety, the molly can be paired with the A long doors pop flash and thrown from a secure location.

A Long Doors CT Molly

T pushes from long doors can be slowed down by using this molly or HE location. It can be thrown while sprinting in the direction of A long doors and lands precisely on the exit. Then you can take advantage of this chance to maintain the angle and watch for any attempts to pass through. But beware of some pop flashes!

Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 – B Site

Best Flash Spots

B Site Entry Flash

The two flashes that follow are both for accessing the B site. Both are thrown towards blind persons at various angles and from various locations. The first one is more effective at close ranges and will cause total blindness for anyone facing B main.

B Site Deep Flash

The following B site entry flash pops farther than the previous one, which should blind adversaries positioned at the B window, back plat, outside B car, and fence. These two flashes work well when used consecutively to blind the most, if not all, of the B site's defenders.

B Main Flash from Window

Since we're on the subject of flashing, here's another one that works wonders for delaying B main rushes. Everyone attempting to rush B Main should be blinded by this flash that is thrown from B window. If you have a player on back plat, be sure to let him know about the flash because it can also flash him.

B Site Flash for Retake

We also have a strong flash for recapturing B site. This flash, which can be launched right outside B window, should blind everyone nearby, including onlookers and enemies holding B door. It's a great, fast flash that illuminates a big area.

CT Flash from B Site

This flash is utilized to postpone retakes or the arrival of replacement CT players. It has a large area of coverage, blinds everyone approaching from CT spawn or mid, and has blinding power. To make more use out of your flash, have a buddy glance through the B window or any doors.

Best Molly/HE Spots

Back Platform Molly

AWPers typically hold angles in the back plat of a B site. By tossing a molly back there, you can simply make them move. He either emerges from cover, allowing you to quickly finish him off, or he is burned by your molly.

Just make sure you have some cover since the lineup is rather open. A smoke at B main would undoubtedly be very helpful.

CT Spawn Molly from B Site

This molly works wonders at halting rapid rotations via CT spawn. Enemies are unable to travel through it unless they use a smoke grenade to extinguish it or risk taking damage. It covers a huge area.

Unfortunately, because it is hurled from a somewhat open region, this grenade spot only functions if you have total control over B site.

B Main Molly/HE from Doors

The following molly is intended for CTs and can assist stop B main rushes. If you want to buy some more time, you can either throw a HE grenade when the molly dies down on your lonesome or with a buddy.

B Main Molly/HE from Window

You can toss a molly or HE grenade from B window in addition to the first grenade site, and it will accomplish the same task. If you're an AWPer holding a window, this is simply a more effective technique to throw the grenades.

B Site Molly Great for Retake

This final molly grenade location is an excellent approach for CTs to recover control of the B site. It can help you regain control of the site and can be safely thrown close to B boxes. It can also be an excellent strategy for delaying or stopping enemy bomb-planting attempts.

B Car Molly for Retake

On B site, B car is a highly well-liked post-plant location. It gives you a clear view of the B doors and window and offers some respectable protection. In order to minimize the amount of angles you need to examine before visiting the site as a retaker, it is good to toss a molly in this area. The molly should clear that space so you may concentrate on other perspectives.

Best Grenade Spots for Dust 2 – Middle Area

Best Flash Spots

Mid Doors Pop Flash

We start off with a fantastic mid doors pop flash that is ideal for pushing through mid from tunnels. Enemies hiding behind mid-doors may be surprised by this. AWPers frequently occupy mid-door positions, and occasionally enemies occupy tight angles. By this brightness, they ought to all become blind.

Mid Doors Pop Flash for CT

Although this flash is only useful in a particular circumstance, it has a relatively simple lineup, making it still worthwhile to know. If you believe that an enemy has crossed the mid and is looking through the doors, you can employ this mid doors pop flash. This should give you a free kill by fully blinding him and anyone else playing in close mid doors.

Best Molly/HE Spots

Mid Doors Molly

If you don't want to shove through mid-doors, this is a fantastic follow-up approach to the previously described flash. Everybody holding the close corner is burned when this molly hits directly behind the mid doors.

Short Stairs Molly

Next, we have a molly for A short, which can easily get you through mid-doors or push tunnels while deterring forceful CT pushes. However, be ready to engage in combat because foes can still push through the molly.

Short Molly for Defenders

In contrast to the previous molly, you can throw this one on the CT side to thwart rapid and brief pushes. The molly allows you and your teammates more time to rotate to site A or to change your position for a better angle.

Mid Tunnels Molly from A Short

A highly helpful molly that can aid in stopping pushes or rotations from B to mid is the mid tunnels molly. It is thrown short and settles precisely at the base of the stairwell in the tunnel. The molly should permit you to advance and maintain the angle before they peep once more.

Catwalk Molly From Mid

A catwalk molly tossed from mid is our final move. It's a fantastic molly that you can employ to support any actor appearing in A-short. It spreads after landing right on the catwalk's ledge. Anyone around A short gets burned since it covers such a large area that it even reaches Xbox.


We chose those locations as the best grenade spots for Dust 2. When used properly, these grenade sites can alter the course of the battle. To aid you in your challenging ranking games, make sure to memorize at least a couple of them.

If you have any suggestions for more grenade lineups for Dust 2, please let us know in the comments section below.

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