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Players will be able to return to Gotham City and enjoy all-new noir-style visuals. Batman: The Telltale Series is getting a visual makeover and a new DLC which features new content and updates to the base game.

Batman: The Telltale Series Shadows Edition will consist of the base game and the new DLC. Players can purchase The Shadows Edition on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, Epic Game Store and Nintendo Switch for $29.99. If you already have the base game, then you only need to pay $4.99 for the DLC.

According to Gamatsu, the news is from a now-removed press release. It is not yet known why the release was pulled, but the news is certain. The DLC and the update consist of graphical updates, new content and an all-new look for the game.

Above, you can find a screenshot of the press release containing the announcement of the Shadows Edition. The developers describe the game as the story of Bruce Wayne, now it will be in a perfect noir style.

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