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The newest free-to-play knockout game, Omega Strikers, pits players against other teams to see whose team can score more goals. Each character has abilities that can expedite development, force enemies outside of the playing region, and more. One of the heroes, Atlas, has the ability to heal comrades while taking out adversaries. This tutorial will teach you all there is to know about Atlas in Omega Striker.

Atlas Skills and Training Guide

You must first comprehend Atlas' abilities in order to effectively wield his might on the battlefield. Atlas is best used as a support attacker or goalie and has a difficulty rating of 2/3. His primary ability, Astral Projection, deals light damage and can shoot an arcing projectile at each enemy it hits. His secondary ability, Cosmic Expanse, produces a rapidly dissipating expanding ring of light. If this ring strikes any foes, it will shrink and cause medium damage. His unique ability, Celestial Intervention, summons a guardian who continuously heals teammates in the immediate area. Allies that would otherwise be killed by the enemy can be saved by the guardian by being brought to its location and having 15% of their stagger bar restored.

The ultimate ability of Atlas is a potent auxiliary ability. The optimum time to utilize this skill is whenever you can see your companions' health bars while engaged in combat. Due to its ability to endlessly heal teammates, this skill is a tremendous game-changer. Use his primary and secondary skills to stun adversaries and do respectable damage. By erecting a shield to block the core, his secondary ability can also be employed defensively.

The primary position of Atlas is goalkeeper or goalie. As a result, his build or training should emphasize how to use his ultimate effectively to support his friends before they are defeated. As a goalie, Built Different is necessary since you grow 30% in size and hit the ball 5% harder. Crossover is the following exercise; each strike provides 30% haste for 1.5 seconds. Finally, you have the option of selecting Extra Special or Creator of Long-Lasting Things. Extra Special can considerably shorten the cooldown of the special ability, while Creator of Durable Things can increase the size and toughness of your guardian.

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