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These are all the confirmed weapons and attachments that we will see in Modern Warfare 2. And no, these are not leaks, these are weapons that we got to see in the trailers. This is what we can look forward to.

If you can remember the weapons in Modern Warfare 2019, you know how awesome they felt in the game. In terms of sound and visuals, it was simply top notch. That has always been one of Infinity Ward's strengths. Even if Infinity Ward doesn't like to get a lot of things right - TTK, doors and especially the maps (hopefully they'll manage to make decent CoD maps) - at least we can look forward to good weapons in Modern Warfare 2. In fact, we've already spotted a good number of weapons in the trailers. These are the weapons and attachments we're guaranteed to see in Modern Warfare 2.



In the Modern Warfare 2 Reveal trailer, John "Soap" MacTavish can be seen firing an easily recognizable AK-105. This shortened variant of the AK-74M in 5.45mm caliber is most likely a Gunsmith variant of the AK platform.


Also an AK variant, the AKS-74U is dropped by an enemy in Dark Waters gameplay and is thus confirmed. It is characterized primarily by its compact SMG format, but fires rifle ammunition.


Both the Reveal trailer and the Dark Waters campaign mission feature the infamous SCAR assault rifle, here in the SCAR-L version. The platform was already present in the 2019 predecessor and has already appeared in many CoD parts.


Several HK-53s can be seen in the gameplay presentation, which are apparently used by Task Force 141. The integrated silencer on the barrel, which is reminiscent of an H&K MP5SD but does not actually exist for the HK-53, is striking.


The M4 platform is shown in several pictures and the trailer in several variants. You can see the M4A1 in the Block II version with various attachments like MLOK rails, red dot sights and more.

In addition, there are exotic versions: The AR-57 from the FJX Cinder package for pre-orderers converts the rifle to fire 5.7mm ammunition from P90 magazines. The MCR version, on the other hand, has an ammunition feed via cartridge belt (like an MG) and is also part of the FJX Cinder package.

AAC Honey Badger

In the Reveal trailer, Ghost carries a Honey Badger in the special .300 Blackout caliber designed for special forces. The highly compact weapon resembles an SMG and is based on the AR-15/M4 platform. It is possible that it is a Gunsmith conversion.


The MCX assault rifle from Modern Warfare 2019 returns: in the Reveal trailer for Modern Warfare 2, Captain Price can be seen with the weapon. In the predecessor, the MCX was known as the M13, as the developers apparently do not have the naming or licensing rights for many models.

Submachine guns

FN P90

The legendary P90 is also back in MW2. In the seven-minute gameplay presentation of the Dark Waters story mission, the P90 can be seen being wielded by an operator from Task Force 141. The iconic SMG is familiar from MW2019 and many other shooters.


Also in the Dark Waters gameplay, there is a very brief glimpse of the MP5, presumably in the A3 or A5 variant with retractable shoulder stock. The MP5 is used by several enemies in the gameplay from the Dark Waters mission. The weapon is featured in many CoD spin-offs and other shooters.


The Heckler & Koch MP7 is known from MW2019 and is apparently returning as well. Among other things, it can be seen in the Reveal trailer from minute 01:28 with a red dot sight and other modifications in the hands of a Shadow Company operator.

Kriss Vector

The iconic design of the Kriss Vector is easily recognizable: the SMG is wielded from a first-person perspective in a lengthy sequence in the single-player mission Dark Waters. In Modern Warfare 2019, the Vector came into the game after release as a season update, in MW2 it will probably be there at launch.


The SMG version of the SIG MCX assault rifle in 9mm caliber didn't appear in the predecessor, but it is on the starting line this time: In the Dark Waters mission, Colonel Alejandro Vargas of Task Force 141 can be seen with an MPX. Possibly the MCX can be converted into this variant by the Gunsmith. Caliber changes were already possible in places in MW2019.


Benelli M4 Super 90

The 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun is in use for a while from the first-person perspective in the gameplay from the Dark Waters mission. It was not present in the predecessor, though it was in CoD 4 Modern Warfare from 2007 and the original MW2 from 2009.

Sniper rifles


The M24 SWS can be seen in the Reveal trailer. Simon "Ghost" Riley takes aim at the weapon at minute 00:58 - interestingly, completely without a sight, which should make hitting the target much more difficult. It is clearly visible that this is the SP-R 208 model from Modern Warfare 2019, equipped with the XRK flash rifle stock.


Glock 21

The Glock variant known from Modern Warfare 2019 is apparently returning: in the Reveal trailer, the pistol can be seen several times, including in the first-person perspective during the chase and in Ghost's holster. In MW 2019, the Glock ran under the name X16.

SIG P226

The P226 is apparently a new addition and was not featured in MW2019. It is first seen very briefly in the Reveal trailer starting at second 00:54 in Captain Price's hands during the Amsterdam mission. The weapon is equipped with a silencer there.

Besides the weapons, we already know a lot about the beta, the story campaign, game modes and even the map design of MW2! If you want to have the complete overview of really every single info, just check out our central article about Call of Duty MW2 2022.

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