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The most recent hack-and-slash game to release on all the major platforms is called Soulstice. The narrative of the game centers on Briar and Lute, two sisters who were given the mission of preserving what was left of the landscape when the Tear materialized. Players will have to progress through numerous chapters to defeat the enemies in front of them using their special skills. The protagonists will be introduced in the first chapter, All the Lost Souls, which also serves as a tutorial for the gameplay and combat in the game.

This guide will walk you through Chapter 1: All the Lost Souls and point out any hidden collectibles or tips that you may find there.

But it would be best to quickly look over the game's opening chapters before moving on to the first one.

Difficulty Levels

You must select your preferred level of difficulty before beginning a new game. This option is only available at the beginning of a new save file.

There are five levels of difficulty to pick from:

  • Human – Easiest
  • Initiate
  • Knight
  • Chimera
  • Transcended – Hardest

Certain difficulties are required to unlock certain trophies or accomplishments. Refer to our Soulstice Trophy Guide to know more about these achievements.

Briar and Lute

In Soulstice, Briar and Lute are the main characters.

Briar is an Ashen Knight who is skilled at using the Ashen Vindicator (sword) and the Ashen Enforcer as weapons in battle (hammer). She can pick up more combat abilities and acquire more weapons as the game progresses.

A Shade named Lute has made the decision to join her soul to that of her sister Briar. She assists her sister in battle by blocking blows, slowing down adversaries, and, as she gets stronger, even launching her own blows.


You can practice fighting tough foes and a boss in the first section. The first battle takes place in the "current event," when Briar and Lute are already enhanced and have more combative abilities. After the boss has been defeated, the narrative goes back in time to a day earlier, when our two heroes are on their way to Ilden, where the first chapter begins.

Soulstice Chapter 1: All the Lost Souls Walkthrough

Chapter 1 starts off with a cutscene of Briar and Lute arriving at Ilden via a boat, a day prior from the events in the prologue. This chapter has 5 encounters, 1 Challenge of the Void, and 1 Upgrade.

Waterfront, Docks District

They arrive at the docks together. Although the area has been damaged and abandoned, some crates and barrels can still be broken to obtain Crimson Tear Residue, the game's primary type of cash (referred to as "residue" from this point on).

Till you come across the first burning ship, make your way through the platforms and docks. Once there, turn right to find another burning ship with a glowing purple sphere by following the way there. To obtain the Ashes of a Fallen Chimera, an item that may be used to instantly restore oneself after dying in battle, interact with this orb.

Continue on and you will ultimately reach your initial confrontation. To finish the encounter, you must defeat a number of Broken. You will also learn Lute's first skill, Counter Type: Slow, which, if the prompt is timed appropriately, slows down a single enemy. To earn a Diamond rating, finish this battle as quickly as you can without taking damage.

You will next confront more Broken foes in your second encounter, which will take place further along the docks. You'll discover how to employ Lute's Counter Type: Barrier, which can stop solitary melee assaults. It's not too difficult to earn a Diamond rating for this encounter.

As you continue along the road, you will come across a ship that has been rotated so that its underbelly is facing up. To go to the following section, perform a double leap to scale up on top of it.

Longshore Wharf, Docks District

A little cutscene displaying the Tear expanding in size will start playing after you reach the wharf. For the third encounter, more foes will ambush you and join the battle; this time, pikemen will be involved. These opponents are far away and attack by hurling their pikes at you. You will be taught Lute's second skill, Counter Type: Deflection, which, when used at the right moment, can help deflect oncoming bullets.

A bright silver orb may be seen on the left side of the route as you continue down the path after completing the battle, but before going up the next set of steps. This orb can be interacted with to reveal the first challenge, Slayer I.

You have one minute to fight ten foes, including Broken and Pikemen, in this challenge. If you complete the task in time, you will receive a Malformed Husk Fragment as payment. You can obtain a Sturdy Husk Chunk that will raise Briar's maximum health by gathering three of these fragments.

After finishing the task, head up the stairs and through the door to the room where Layton is waiting for you. Despite his brazen remarks, he offers to be an ally and is merely an observer. By speaking with Layton, you can choose to visit the shop to buy supplies or upgrade Briar's and, once unlocked, Lute's skills.

  • Shop
    • Emerald Tear Shard – 350 residue
    • Sturdy Husk Chunk – 10,000 residue
    • Iridescent Ethereal Weave – 10,000 residue
  • Skills
    • Ashen Vindicator
      • Ferocious Assault – 2,000 residue
      • Piercing Lunge – 5,000 residue
    • Ashen Enforcer
      • Thunderous Advance – 4,500 residue
      • Arching Onslaught – 9,000 residue
      • Soaring Ascent – already obtained
      • Roaring Descent – 7,500 residue
      • Hammering Rush – 7,500 residue
      • Proficiency – already obtained
      • Proficiency II – 6,000 residue
      • Proficiency III – locked

You must buy an Emerald Tear Shard and the Ferocious Assault skill in order to complete the tutorial. After then, you can leave the chat and move on to the area to your left. From here, take the elevator to the next area.

Docker’s Overlook, Ildenmere Bridge

You will have your fourth confrontation with Broken and Pikemen after you exit the elevator. Be sure to stay on top of Lute's Deflection because there are numerous waves in this fight and the Pikemen can position themselves distant and outside the screen.

You can reach the following elevator by moving through the platforms on the wall's side. You will need to find another method because it is currently stuck and cannot be used. Continue to the left to locate two pathways. At the end of the path, take the higher platform to get an Emerald Tear Crystal. Then, return to the fork in the road and double jump over to the higher platform on the right.

Continue to the right and assault the debris that is obstructing the elevator to remove it. You can go to your fifth encounter by taking the elevator. At this stage, there will be a lot more adversaries and you'll be battling on a small platform, so attempt to utilize wide attacks and concentrate on targeting the pikemen to reduce damage.

Utilize the elevator at the end of the pathway to ascend the wall's top and close the chapter.

Soulstice Chapter 1 Achievements

  • The touch of Chaos: Discover the first Challenge
  • May the Torchbearer light our way: Complete Chapter 1
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