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Sega's first game, Periscope, a big-system arcade game, was published in 1965. Sega had no idea that one game would launch the long-lasting and illustrious career that the firm is known for today. Due to their early role in the conception of video games, one may say that Sega is a godfather of gaming. The Sega Genesis and all of its games had a profound influence on us as children; those were in fact simpler times. And by ranking the top five Sega games of all time, we hope to bring back those halcyon days.

These are some of our earliest and most treasured gaming memories. All of these games had a significant impact on our youth. They are unquestionably classics, and the vast majority of them were created before the year 2000. But the reason for that is that some of Sega's most well-known games were initially published and were ground-breaking at the time; we still remember them now. Here are our recommendations for the top five Sega games ever, so get ready to feel a little wistful and old.

5. Crazy Taxi

Undoubtedly, one of Sega's best games is a weird one, but it was precisely this that originally captured our hearts. That game is none other than Crazy Taxi, and while we won't take a ride ourselves, we will undoubtedly give others a spin once more. As it raced against the clock, Crazy Taxi resembled a fast roller coaster, dodging and weaving through traffic and making unbelievable jumps. But it's the frantic atmosphere itself that pulls us into the game.

Some people found peace in the chaos of Crazy Taxi. Overall, the game was a great way to unwind because it required little thought and lots of wild driving. The ability to jam out while driving to well-known bands like The Offspring and Bad Religion also helped to reduce tension. Driving Crazy Taxi helped you to release all of your resentment and rage toward the outer world. That may seem strange, but it is undeniably true, which is why the game is still in circulation and accessible today.

4. Gunstar Heroes

You might not remember the 1993 Best Action Game, but you'll undoubtedly remember Gunstar Heroes, the title winner. Due to its frequent, intense battle, the Sega Genesis version of the game soon gained popularity all over the world. As you raced through the side-scroller, never knowing what may pop up at any moment, you hardly had time to catch your breath. You were kept on your toes and faced with curveballs all the time in the game.

A number of other games were built on the foundation created by Gunstar Heroes. It proved that the gameplay gets more exciting the faster and more frantic the gunplay is. Nearly every game developer was trying to imitate Gunstar Heroes' perpetually erratic aesthetic. Nobody could, though, which makes the game one of the greatest Sega games of all time. It's also the reason why, some 30 years later, it can still be played on Steam.

3. Yakuza 0

Sega is aware of what makes a great game, whether it's from the 1990s, 2000s, or 2010s. which they showed in the 2000s when the Yakuza series first debuted. The initial game was one of Sega's most well-known releases, serving as the catalyst for their first illustrious crime-fighting action-adventure series. Then, in 2015, came Yakuza 0, demonstrating once more that Sega's idea is still competitive with the best of the best.

The game, which served as a prologue to the other games in the franchise, was a welcome addition to the series. Each character seemed to have substance, and the plot occasionally alternated between being serious and humorous, which aided in bringing the overall atmosphere to life. And speaking of bringing to life, the 1988 cityscape of Tokyo was expertly captured. Finally, there is the fighting, which is definitely entertaining despite not being particularly great. While the entire series deserves praise, Yakuza 0 unquestionably ranks among the greatest Sega games ever made.

2. Streets of Rage (Series)

There are several great Beat 'Em Up games, but Streets of Rage stands out as one of the best. Streets of Rage 4 will be released in 2020, making its debut in 1991 with the first game. Sega is demonstrating once more that its video game creations stand the test of time. Most of us anticipated Streets of Rage to continue, though, as Beat 'Em Ups never truly lose their appeal.

In all honesty, there isn't a single entry in the series that stands out as being particularly subpar. They all do a fantastic job of offering a button-clicking experience that is addictive and never lets up on the excitement. Which appears to be the overarching theme of our selections for the greatest Sega games ever. We are constantly engaged and on the verge of our seats due to the constant and chaotic action. Every Streets of Rage game had this element, which is praiseworthy for the entire series. Because of this, the game is justly recognized as one of the greatest ever produced by Sega.

1. Sonic the Hedgehog (Series)

Our top choice is Sonic the Hedgehog in his entirety, as you may have predicted. The majority of this can be easily attributed to the original Sonic the Hedgehog series, including episodes two and three. But Sonic & Knuckles, which was also a fantastic game, must not be overlooked. Oh, and Sonic CD, a classic of course. Okay, so we essentially have to give the series as a whole credit because it has so many noteworthy titles that we are unable to name them all individually.

But the justification is still the same. With the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, Sega is at their absolute best and purest. Most of the games are frantic, fluid, and usually interesting, if not occasionally a little chaotic, which makes us hit the brakes. It's what made Sonic so well-liked in the past, and it's what draws people in today. That's another reason Sonic Origins, which will be released on June 23, 2022, has us giddy with anticipation because it's bringing back some of Sega's greatest games ever.

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