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Friday Night Funkin is a lot more enjoyable than other games since the characters are simple to relate to. Sometimes I get the impression that these Friday Night Funkin' personas are actual people with interesting backstories.

And it appears that the more you play with them, the better you understand them and appreciate why they do certain things the way they do. My top ten Friday night funkin' characters were picked based on how utterly wonderful and 'personable' these characters are.

1. Pico

Pico is one of Friday night Funkin's coolest kid characters. I mean, the youngster fought and destroyed an alien who was attempting to destroy the human race on his own. In addition, he is the only one of the eight pupils who has ever tasted an apple. When I started appreciating Pico's demeanor and style of play, I performed some research on him.

I discovered that the Pico character has been around for quite some time. Pico has been in the game industry since 1999. He's even got his own video game. Isn't it cool? Pico's School, Pico vs Uberkids, and more games with similar names were created by Tom Fulp. And then I believe he is one of the most trustworthy characters who will always have your back. Pico is a wonderful character despite having so many abilities, and I hope to see him in the game more often or maybe as a playable character soon.

2. Boyfriend

Who wouldn't want a talented tiny blue-haired guy? Boyfriend has to be the cutest character in Friday Night Funkin, and I bet the ladies in the house would agree. Boyfriend has one of the most humane personas in the game, in my opinion. He has a tendency to always want to defend his girlfriend, regardless of the consequences.

Most females will find that adorable, and seeing the lengths he is ready to take to keep his connection with his girlfriend should inspire some guys out there. For those who enjoy video games, Boyfriend is the protagonist of Friday Night Funkin. He is a gamer who is always on a hunt with his girlfriend. They are both adorablely naïve and frequently find themselves in risky circumstances without even realizing it.

3. Tankman

Another of my favorite characters is Tankman. I love that he enjoys rapping! When he discovered Boyfriend and his Girlfriend in the desert, instead of killing them both, he kidnapped Girlfriend and challenged Boyfriend to a rap battle. Then there's Tankman, who has some of the most ridiculous rap lines. You should have heard him curse when you lost a rap battle to him – one of the most painful and funniest moments in the game.

And having someone with his own army is amazing. That's quite nice, and they always seem to want to obey him. He's also a fantastic leader.

4. Girlfriend

Girlfriend is that lovely girl with a dark side who you should probably avoid at all costs. She may be deadly, but that is what makes her so adorable and keeps you fighting so hard to retain her forever. Girlfriend is a cute demon. She appears and acts like a lovely human lady, yet she is a demon because both of her parents are demons. On Friday Night Funkin, she is also the love interest of the Boyfriend character.

Girlfriend is a really appealing character. I believe we all enjoy dark dreams about a demon and a human helplessly in love with each other, which is why such romances abound in Hollywood and juvenile novels. It's adorable how she perches on the speaker every time there's a rap fight. Anyway, one aspect of Girlfriend that I seem to admire the most is her proclivity to always support her Boyfriend at every opportunity.

She is a supportive Girlfriend, and Boyfriend is a supportive Boyfriend. That is most likely why they are so inseparable.

5. Pump

Don't hold anything against me. Everyone enjoys Halloween. Skid and Pump are best pals. They face off against Boyfriend in a rap battle in week two of the game, and I think they have some pretty great lines in their songs. Skid and Pump commonly create the spooky kids together. While they are both good at the game, I prefer Pump because of his deeper voice and ability to deliver his lines in such a classic fashion — it almost makes me want to pat him on the back for a job well done.

6. Skid

Obviously, you can like one of the eerie children without liking the other. Pump's mate is Skid. Skid is frequently infatuated with October, and his Halloween outfit is lovely. I really like how his skeleton head seems to come alive with each step when he does the eerie dance.

7. Mommy Mearest

Girlfriend's mother is Mommy Mearest. Like most mothers, she is overprotective of her daughter. It's simple to dislike her due to her continual meddling in Boyfriend and Girlfriend's relationship. But if you're a parent, you'll understand that she's only concerned about her daughter's well-being.

Mommy Mearest frequently engages Boyfriend in rap wars, which she appears to consistently lose. But I really like her voice. She nearly sounds like an angel, but she's a demon. Some of her songs are pretty interesting, and I often find myself humming some of her songs while doing some light housework at home, particularly the MILF song.

8. Monster

Monster is one of my favorite Funkin Friday characters. He's a monster, and I think he's the best trickster of all the characters. He first appeared as a bug in week two of the game, but he became popular in week five. On his debut, he almost fooled the spooky kids into handing over Girlfriend to him by convincing them that Girlfriend is a sweet! He's a charlatan.

And if you pay attention, he has some of the strangest lines that might give you shivers and nightmares. He paints horrors with words, as if he were a painter with a brush in his hands. The cursed lemon boy is almost certainly a demon.

9. Daddy Dearest

I despised Daddy Dearest just as much as I disliked Mommy Mearest at first. But the more I put myself in his shoes, the more I appear to understand him. But, on occasion, I believe he goes too far to protect his daughter. He once paid Pico to assassinate Boyfriend because he refused to let his daughter alone.

I could only imagine how the game would have turned out if he had hired Hank - one of Madness Combat's best assassins — to assassinate Boyfriend instead of Pico, who had mercy on Boyfriend due to their previous friendship. Unfortunately, I believe Daddy Dearest is one of the underappreciated Friday night Funkin characters. He appears to be too simple to defeat, and I sometimes wish he was stronger enough to undertake all of the fighting himself instead of enlisting helpers.

10. Senpai

Senpai is a popular persona among high school students. He's attractive, and his pixelated style makes him the coolest character in the game. He appears to desire Girlfriend as his own and wishes to take her away from Boyfriend. He rapped against Boyfriend in week 6 in an attempt to capture Girlfriend's heart, and during the second song, he appears to become agitated and says some unpleasant words to Boyfriend.

He's also one of the coolest Friday Night Funkin' characters in my opinion.

So, here are my ten favorite Friday night Funkin characters. I like them primarily for their qualities, but I also think they have some dope lines in rap fights.

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