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War, war never changes. With its legendary headline, the Fallout series has been one of the most influential RPG titles of the past decade. Following the success of the first games of the series, Fallout 3 made a peak and got the attention of all kinds of gamers. Today, we will take a look at the best and the worst games of the series. Furthermore, we will rank them properly so that you’ll get a clear picture.

7. Fallout 76

Completely ruining the single-player experience players loved about the series, the 76 is now considered the worst Fallout game ever. Lack of NPC interactions, lacking the feeling of a rich open world, and more and more. While the idea of an online multiplayer Fallout sounds good, Bethesda could not implement the RPG elements we loved correctly.

6. Fallout Shelter

The Shelter was a great spin-off to the original games of the series with a focus on mobile platforms. Although the game got a really big fan base, it is not the Fallout experience we are used to playing. Therefore, we can only place it this high on our list.

5. Fallout 1

The first game of the series is also one of the most successful titles of the series. As years did not do much good to 2D games, we could not place the game further on our list. Creating the foundations of what we are playing right now, the first game was a complete legend.

4. Fallout 2

Going back to the time when the series was a 2D RPG, the second installment was the series was near-perfect. As the first game was a breakthrough in the genre, the second did nothing but improve its place. Being a direct sequel to the second game, players were able to experience consistency in the storyline.

3. Fallout 4

One of the recent titles on our list, the fourth installment actually caused pretty much controversy when it was first released. With some features, such as Karma, missing and the storyline forced upon the player, some fans did not like the fourth installment. On the other

hand, the game did a lot of other things right. The open-world experience was good, RPG elements were good and the single-player feeling was good.

2. Fallout 3

The third installment of the series was one of the biggest progressions we ever saw. The third installment turned the series from a 2D RPG to a 3D open-world game. Considering its time of release, the open-world elements were perfect and well implemented. The post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. was great enough to make the game more immersive than previous titles.

Given that all the dialogue options and karmas that the previous titles included stayed the same, the third installment did nothing but took a big step forward for the series.

1. Fallout: New Vegas

It is possible to say that New Vegas is the best of the series without a doubt. How the storyline proceeds in the opening of the game, perfect RPG elements, and flawless gameplay. These are only some of the elements which made the game perfect. Once you start progressing in the game, you see the big powers who are trying to control the New Vegas.

Therefore, it is clear that New Vegas was the best RPG experience the series ever provided. It is not clear where the series is headed now, given that the last game was a complete disaster. We hope that we will see something with quality matching the New Vegas.

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